My Wishlist

This will go on forever, but im gonna list the stuff that has possibility for people to get me as a gift whatsoever:

Some things to keep in mind:
- My favorite colors are Green and Red. Since my school colors are yellow/gold and black, I will also appreciate those colors.
- My adidas tennis shoes is size 10.5 mens. My Nike cleats are 10.5 mens. My basketball shoes are 11 mens (i wear double socks when i play basketball)

Okay so these are the actual stuff:

- Manchester United Jersey  My super awesome brother is getting one for me!!!! Yay!!! Thanks bro!
Being a fan for almost 12 years now, I have never had a Manchester United jersey. My favorite players are: Beckham #7 , Park Ji Sung #13 , Wayne Rooney #10

-  portable music player. Some kind of iPod. But it could be anything. I know apple products are fancy and can be overpriced sometimes.

Winter stuff
- Winter coat (those puffy coats)
- winter boots (maybe size 11 would work)
- zip up jackets
- zip up fleece jackets
- ANY WARM STUFF (coats, jackets, fuzzy socks, slippers, sweatshirt, SWEAT PANTS, cool warm hats, long sleeved shirts, etc)

Rain gears
It's raining a lot here in Wooster. Way more than I expected. I came without any of these stuff:
- Umbrellas
- Rain coats
- rain boots

- Sandals
One of those sandals I can wear with socks with it. Some thing like this:
I dont particularly want adidas or any other brand.... Just those kind of sandals!! :)

I wear t shirts most of the time. so, t shirts won't disappoint me

- Tough back packs
Tough ones. That have laptop case in it. That fit my 14" laptop.

- Converse shoes (green or red ones are preferable)

- or some kind of Toms or Keds shoes...

- Watches
I will always cherish watches. I wear watch everyday, everywhere.

- Multicolored pens
I use multi colored pens for taking notes in classes. It doesn't have to have 20 different colors in it, the most important thing is they actually work!!! Some multicolored pens does not work. I currently using 4 colored pens from BIC. The cool ones that I want is the one with multicolored pens AND a mechanical pencil in it.

- This Miles Davis shirt.
I think Zara sold one of these too:

- This LLW shirt from Inksomnia:

- Guitar
Don't need the fancy one, not even a new one, really. As long as it sounds okay. Preferably with the tuner.

- Vibram Shoes
Or any other shoes with those funky toes :)

- One of Indra Lesmana's Albums : "Silver"

- Kayon - Tree of Life

- Arki Wisnu jersey

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