13 June 2012

Should I get a Mac or a PC?

Should I get a Mac or a PC?

I have come down to two choices, 13 inch Macbook Pro and Lenovo Thinkpad T420 or T420s or T430 or T430s.

The Mac is "crappiest" version of the new Macbook Pro (not the one with Retina Display. They don't have it in 13 inch anyway). With student discount and 3 year warranty, it  would cost my father $1282. Plus, I will get a $100 Apps Store gift card that I can hopefully sell or effectively use.

The Lenovo.... Price is SO VARIED. I literally had a headache when I was researching... So many upgrades and choices... But the one that Wooster made as a starter computer (which is most probably what I'm gonna get if I am getting a Lenovo)  would cost $1039, tentatively, since I don't know when the last time Wooster updated their online Lenovo store.

I'd say the spec of the two computers are comparable. Both have disadvantages but made up with their advantages... And both are with 3 year warranty. I couldn't go wrong with the spec is what I'm trying to say.

Actually, I am about 75% sure on getting asking my father to get me a Mac... But I'm still open for suggestions..... Why or why not should I get a Macbook or Lenovo Thinkpad....

These are why I prefer Mac:

- Wooster Computer  Science Department kinda recommends Mac.
This is what a current CS major told me: "I am using Macbook pro and I totally love it. It's very easy to work with multiple windows. But again, it's totally up to people. I was using windows before I came to the States by the way. The college uses Mac for computer science classes. But there is no big problem even if you are a windows user. Some of the softwares we use work only for Mac. However, there is a computer science lab room in the college with all Mac pro's. If you are a CS major, you have 24-7 access to the room, so it should be fine"

- Great Lemon Warranty
Say I mistake my Mac to a basketball, and shoot it to the basket, and it breaks into pieces. I can literally walk up to the nearest Apple Store, and they'll get the new one for me. At least that's what I learned from my research. I don't know how reliable Lenovo warranty is. Might still need a little more research on this, but I doubt it will beat Apple. It's just.... It's so clear. Go to Apple Store, and bam! Fixed! While PC usually takes a while to see what's wrong with it, and repair it, and bla bla bla............

- PCs are just generally slower
I used my American family's Macbooks last year (despite of never having touched any Macs before). Pretty sure they're at least 2 or 3 years old... But they worked fine. NOT SLOW AT ALL. NOT EVER. While years and years I've been dealing with slow PC laptops and desktops... Maybe it's because, generally, people can do a lot of things to their PCs (which is one of PC's advantage) and that makes PC slow with applications and stuff. While Macs keep it simple and compact so they don't go slow. As if me... I almost never need/use fancy softwares (I edited my picture on Paint, or online even! Crop my songs online... Edit video with the basic Windows video editor) so I think I will be fine with Mac.

- Indra Lesmana makes music with Apple products. Lots of great artist make music with Apple products. :p

- Can't Go Wrong
So, I still don't know what I'm gonna major in. I am considering CS, Economics, Math, or International Relation...or two of them. If I do major in CS, I will probably need better computers. A Macbook Pro is about something in between.. It's a workhorse, compatible to work with CS classes, but not too fancy for the other classes (I mean, everyone is using it.. My Math-major American sister uses a single Mac for 4 years of college... Lots of my other non-CS-Major friends do as well.)

- Compact
I love how compact it is. Mac isn't attacked by viruses as much as PC is. The design from the outside, of course. Clean and compact and smart. Lenovo is big, black, and looked rugged. Most PCs are.

As I have mentioned earlier, so many upgrades here and there with Lenovo...... I DON'T FREAKING UNDERSTAND!! Well, at least for now... I will learn eventually, but as if now, those upgrades and applications offer just make me insecure about how good my computer is.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Food?


Muhamad Refky Kamajaya said...

itu udah banyak alesan kenapa pilih mac
kenapa masih mikirin Lenovo nis? ahhahaha

Nisa said...

Wkwkwk iya ky.... Kayanya Mac aja nih. Gue cuman ngeri yg paling culun itu kurang cepet kurang keren apa gimana gimana gituuuuu (padahal spec nya sih mirip ama Lenovo yg gue maksud, jadi ngga menyelesaikan masalah juga, wkwkwkwk)