30 June 2012

Me this past week

- Went to Palembang for cousin's wedding
- Had the best car ride ever with my two cool friends
- A day trip to Bandung to go to NBL All Star Game
- Went to Red White Jazz Lounge for Glenn Fredly and Indra Lesmana show

I've documented stuff from these events, and trying to write a decent post for each.... Lets see how it goes :)

16 June 2012

Just one of those days when I get to see this awesome pianist

Went to Goethe Haus two nights ago to see LLW playing. Despite the fact that I could not get in to the concert room (because it was FULL LOADED) and watched most of the show from a crappy screen (and by most, I mean all, except one encore song), it was good fun. It's always great to see him!

Also, since I have started all the countdown thing, this should be the third last show of the pianist that I will go to before leaving for the States....

Nisa: "Anjrit, gue tinggi banget!"
IL: "Ngga papa, lagi jaman kok,"
Nisa: "Lagi jaman?"
IL: "Iyaa,"
Nisa: "Apa yang lagi jaman?"
IL: "Cewe lebih tinggi dari cowo,"

13 June 2012

Should I get a Mac or a PC?

Should I get a Mac or a PC?

I have come down to two choices, 13 inch Macbook Pro and Lenovo Thinkpad T420 or T420s or T430 or T430s.

The Mac is "crappiest" version of the new Macbook Pro (not the one with Retina Display. They don't have it in 13 inch anyway). With student discount and 3 year warranty, it  would cost my father $1282. Plus, I will get a $100 Apps Store gift card that I can hopefully sell or effectively use.

The Lenovo.... Price is SO VARIED. I literally had a headache when I was researching... So many upgrades and choices... But the one that Wooster made as a starter computer (which is most probably what I'm gonna get if I am getting a Lenovo)  would cost $1039, tentatively, since I don't know when the last time Wooster updated their online Lenovo store.

I'd say the spec of the two computers are comparable. Both have disadvantages but made up with their advantages... And both are with 3 year warranty. I couldn't go wrong with the spec is what I'm trying to say.

Actually, I am about 75% sure on getting asking my father to get me a Mac... But I'm still open for suggestions..... Why or why not should I get a Macbook or Lenovo Thinkpad....

These are why I prefer Mac:

- Wooster Computer  Science Department kinda recommends Mac.
This is what a current CS major told me: "I am using Macbook pro and I totally love it. It's very easy to work with multiple windows. But again, it's totally up to people. I was using windows before I came to the States by the way. The college uses Mac for computer science classes. But there is no big problem even if you are a windows user. Some of the softwares we use work only for Mac. However, there is a computer science lab room in the college with all Mac pro's. If you are a CS major, you have 24-7 access to the room, so it should be fine"

- Great Lemon Warranty
Say I mistake my Mac to a basketball, and shoot it to the basket, and it breaks into pieces. I can literally walk up to the nearest Apple Store, and they'll get the new one for me. At least that's what I learned from my research. I don't know how reliable Lenovo warranty is. Might still need a little more research on this, but I doubt it will beat Apple. It's just.... It's so clear. Go to Apple Store, and bam! Fixed! While PC usually takes a while to see what's wrong with it, and repair it, and bla bla bla............

- PCs are just generally slower
I used my American family's Macbooks last year (despite of never having touched any Macs before). Pretty sure they're at least 2 or 3 years old... But they worked fine. NOT SLOW AT ALL. NOT EVER. While years and years I've been dealing with slow PC laptops and desktops... Maybe it's because, generally, people can do a lot of things to their PCs (which is one of PC's advantage) and that makes PC slow with applications and stuff. While Macs keep it simple and compact so they don't go slow. As if me... I almost never need/use fancy softwares (I edited my picture on Paint, or online even! Crop my songs online... Edit video with the basic Windows video editor) so I think I will be fine with Mac.

- Indra Lesmana makes music with Apple products. Lots of great artist make music with Apple products. :p

- Can't Go Wrong
So, I still don't know what I'm gonna major in. I am considering CS, Economics, Math, or International Relation...or two of them. If I do major in CS, I will probably need better computers. A Macbook Pro is about something in between.. It's a workhorse, compatible to work with CS classes, but not too fancy for the other classes (I mean, everyone is using it.. My Math-major American sister uses a single Mac for 4 years of college... Lots of my other non-CS-Major friends do as well.)

- Compact
I love how compact it is. Mac isn't attacked by viruses as much as PC is. The design from the outside, of course. Clean and compact and smart. Lenovo is big, black, and looked rugged. Most PCs are.

As I have mentioned earlier, so many upgrades here and there with Lenovo...... I DON'T FREAKING UNDERSTAND!! Well, at least for now... I will learn eventually, but as if now, those upgrades and applications offer just make me insecure about how good my computer is.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Food?

07 June 2012

How I Met Arki Wisnu

I have mentioned earlier that before I leave for the States, I have to personally meet these three people. I happened to see one of them last weekend. Arki Dikania Wisnu.

Picture by: Rocky Padila
Source: http://lockerz.com/s/201811741

A little intro about him, Arki is an Indonesian basketball player. Playing for Satria Muda Jakarta, he also in the roster of Indonesia Warriors, a team that plays in South East Asian League (ABL - ASEAN Basketball League). He is 2012 NBL Indonesia Rookie of the Year and Sixthman of the Year. He as well secures a spot in the league's first team. He was raised in New York. After spending years of schools and college there, he went back to Indonesia last year.

Now let's move on to the part where I get to meet him.

It was all started when my teammate was talking about our coach's having free tickets for Indonesia Warriors vs Philippines Patriots game on Sunday. I was so excited, but I had already made plans with Silfara and I couldn't turn her down (thanks to Tuesdays with Morrie, which I recently read, that says "Invest on people..."). So I thought... I can always meet Arki any other time, I can't break my promise to a good friend. The plan was she picked me up after a basketball practice on Sunday morning, and then we're off to a dancing event that she wanted to see.

On Sunday, Silfara texted me and say..... "Uh I'm still in Cileduk (okay, for those of you who don't know what/where Cileduk is, let's just say that this place is HORRIBLY far away from almost anywhere in Jakarta. Or on the planet. Seriously.) Can't pick you up in time for the thing...... What do you wanna do?" I called her and said, "Uh... Is it okay if I'm not coming?" Cause she sounded like she was with her friends from her dancing teams. "Sure," she said. "But make sure you sleep over at my house tonight."

So, I went to the game in Sports Mall Kelapa Gading with my two teammates. It was the second game of league's semifinal. Indonesia Warriors had won the first game in Manila, Philippines. If they won this game, they'll go straight to the finals. The game was awesome. Lots of dunks. Great players from around the world. The seats were nice as well, thanks to my coach. Arki did play for several minutes in the 4th quarter and scored a couple points from the free throw line. He's a rookie, okay....

After the game, my two teammates went off with their other friends and I was still there waiting for the players to come out with my other two friends. With about a jillion other fans there, we were quite doubtful that we're gonna get to see any of the players. And then, BOOM, Arki came out. He was one of the first players who came out. And he was still in his full uniform!!! Probably not taking a shower because he wasn't really sweaty at all. I got into a messy line to take picture with Arki. 

The signed article.
Translation: "First Year, Three Awards!"

When it was my turn, I gave a magazine that has a 4-pages article of him, and asked him to sign it for me. He was pretty confused how he was supposed to sign cause there was no table or anything like that and the room was full of people! So he asked me to hold the marker's cap, and AWKWARDLY bend down, to sign on his lap while standing up. CAN YOU IMAGINE?? I should have offered my back for him to write on. Ugh.

He was very quiet. Maybe because he does not speak Indonesian very well. I knew he loves Chipotle, so I asked him:

Nisa : "Arki, kamu suka makanan apa di Chipotle?"
Arki : ??????? (translation : Please speak a lil bit slowly. I don’t speak Indonesian that well)
Nisa : "What’s your favorite food in Chipotle?"
Arki : (Okay-now-I-get-it face) "Steak burrito."
Nisa : "Oh great!"

And then my friend snapped a picture. Winner!!!!

After that, I said thanks to him and he moved on to other fans that had been waiting for him. My friend and I walked away from the crowd, and I was sort of hugging her of happiness.

Arki is a great player. I adored him because he plays the American basketball and he played in a Division 3 school in the States, which is (hopefully) the league where I'm going to play in the States as well. THANK GOD FOR THIS CHANCE!!!!

One down!!! Two to go!!!!

P.S. About my other two targets... I actually HAVE met Monita Tahalea. A friend of mine actually WORKS with her and we've been introduced, and she had signed the album of her that I have (She knows my name and all!!!) I was just stupidly did not take any picture when we met!!! :(
Also, last week, I got an invitation to an event in which Adhitia Sofyan performed. But my friend who agreed to going there with me had no idea at all who Adhitia Sofyan is, which made me feel bad to STILL take her with me. And it was only me and my dad at home that night, so leaving him alone would be unethical (Invest on people, Morrie Schwartz said.)
Well, I hope there's still a chance to see them before I leave.. :)

01 June 2012

Things I wanna do in college

Just about everything under the sun...

(in order of preference...at least for now)

- Basketball!!!!!
- multiple on-campus jobs
- the volunteer groups
- Wooster Singers (a no-audition-required chorus)
- South-East Asian Students Association
- Muslim Students Association
- Lets Dance Society (ball room dancing)
- WOO91 (the college radio!!! I always wanted to be a Radio DJ!!!)
- International Students Association
- Another sport (maybe frisbee.... or football. I seriously intended to try out for the football team!!! Now, I'm not sure though...)

Most importantly......

DO THE WORK!!!!! So I can get into Harvard for Grad school. That's the main goal for now.