01 May 2012

What I need to do everyday (in this three month long holiday)

- EXERCISE!! (stretch, jog, thigh exercises, sit ups, back ups, push ups)
- work on the online classes I'm taking at cousera.org ("Computer Science 101" and "Introduction to Logic")
- work on the book my friend and I are writing (my target is to write two pages a day)
- blog every other day on a blog project my friends and I are working on
- re-study calculus, trying to remember how to use that fancy Texas Instrument calculator, preparing for the Math placement exam (my target is to study an hour a day)
- re-study Spanish, preparing for the placement test as well (my target is also studying for an hour everyday)
- reading! got lotsa things on my summer reading list
- adding more and more songs to my playlist for my soon-to-be iPod touch

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