31 May 2012

I'm a high school grad, you don't wanna mess with me!

It was a fine monday morning, when I was talking to a friend about our teacher who just got back from Japan. "Well, you're gonna see her tomorrow on graduation!" my friend said.

I was literally like... HOLY MOLY, tomorrow is GRADUATION? seriously, TOMORROW??

Not that I haven't prepared anything. It's just, it felt so far away and suddenly, its here already!
My Mama and I had spent hours looking for the right kebaya and it's still in the plastic bag. The Batik long skirt also need to be ironed. And I still need to pick which shoes I was going to wear. My Mama had reserved a place at a salon for tomorrow morning though.

Theoritically, I need to be at Balai Sudirman at 7 in the morning. I was being a nice kid so I went to bed early. I went to bed at 11 PM. But of course I could not fall sleep. I read books on my phone, listened to the radio on my phone, back reading again, radio, reading, radio, reading... The last time I checked it was 1 in the morning.

I woke up at about 4, a few minutes before the alarm I set went off. I showered, took stuff to the car, and arrived at the salon at 5.15, 15 minutes passed the appointment. Annoyingly, THE HAIR DRESSER WAS NOT READY YET. So I waited and I waited and I waited. It wasn't until 5:40 the lady showed up. She was a nice old lady (she must be in the middle of her 60s). She was telling me about his grand sons, and her children (who apparently live in the states!)

My hair was done... My face was all caked up... I left the salon at about 6:40, went home to grab purse, and then left for Balai Sudirman. As expected, traffic was CRAZY. It took my Papa and I a little more than an hour to get there. Oh, and my Mama was out of town for work by the way. My bro needed to go to work, and my sis was on finals, so it was just me and my Papa.

So, we arrived at about 7:40. I get out of the car, rushed to the building..... Turned out my homeroom class had already walked to their seats. So, there was this ceremonial walking thing before we were seated... A little bit disappointed, I walked to where my classmates were seated. I sat down and we started talking.. Lots of catching up since we haven't met for weeks... lots of picture taking... it was just nice to see my classmates again!

So the whole thing was actually just talking and picture taking. There were important people talking on the stage, but we didn't really pay attention. Soem students with some achievements were called up to the stage and given a thing on their shoulder for their achievements... We paid attention to some of that, but other than that we were just like..... "LETS TAKE PICTURE!!!!"

And then, the most important part: Medals. So every graduate got this medal (which is actually plastic). Every one would get to the stage, the principal put the medal on us, pic taken, and then we walked to the other side of the stage, pic taken again. and then  off the stage. This is one good picture of me taken by Karunia Nurensa (thanks sooooo very much!)

After the medal, there were performances by teachers! Our principal sang, our teachers danced, some of the guy teachers tried to impersonate those korean boy bands... it was pretty and entertaining. Also, there was choir and some other musical performances and traditional dances i cant recall.. we were just too busy taking pictures! haha...

Sometime in the middle of the event, we took the yearbook. The book is pretty neat actually

Yes, that's a yearbook. Cool, huh?

After that, we did class photos. And I get to take pics with some of my favorite teachers (and also the teacher My friend and I talked about the day before!!!)

And that was it! We went home! :)

Everyone was pretty and handsome (shoot, i hate this word "handsome".. but cant find any word that would fit better). I was just talking about this with my friends that Guys in suits look about 2000 times better! And I unfortunately have to take my words back... Because when you're in a room when every guy wear suits, it'd come back to the guys themselves. They do look better than they are without suits, but relative to each other....... Better looking guys will look better. Sorry.

I did, however, make a remark about kebaya. Indonesian ladies (okay, and girls) are PWWWEEEEEEETY in kebayas!!!! Eventhough they're all caked up (like me, for example) they ARE soooooo pretty!

Another cool thing about the graduation is.... THE FOOD! Yup, one of my classmates's family owns the BEST catering service in town, which serves almost every school event. Their food are just MARVELOUS. Reaaaaaaaaally good. I ended up eating all of them for sure, but in the beginning of the event i could not do anything but staring at them (while they stared at me, hahahahahah) because I can't risk eating and ruining the make ups!!

I had soooo much fun!! It was excruciatingly tiring (I wore heels. It must be 2-3 centimeters), but I had the greatest time.

Thank you class of 2012 for such a wonderful year!!!!

P.S. I uploaded more photos on facebook. Here's the link to the album.

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