31 March 2012

Replying Harvard's Email

This is me and Harvard, May 2011

This is what he wrote me, March 2012

Dear Harvard,

Thank you for your email yesterday. I find it very politely written and heart-warming. I even smiled because I know you are saying the truth.

But, Really, Harvard? REALLY????????

I thought what we had that summer was something.... I THOUGHT IT WAS SOMETHING REAL. What about I run around Cambridge looking for your Admission Office? What about those strokes on John Harvard's shoe eventhough I know  for a fact that undergrad students peed on it? What about when I toured you with your cute student with "Hahvahd" shirt and your Asian-American student with a 2400 SAT score? What about when I witnessed the Commencement of the Class of 2011?

I can't believe you just forget about it. I thought I was not just another visitor. I thought I wasn't just your summer fling, Harvard.

Why, Harvard, why?
Is it because my very low test scores? Is it because my mediocre grades? Is it because my parents can't afford to build you a new library under their names? Is it because my lousy essays? Is it because I hardly do anything else other than basketball but I'm still not that good? Is that why?

I knew something was wrong when you didn't offer me an interview. But I thought I was one of the most special ones who do not even need interviews.

Maybe I should've smelt it when your admission officers answered my questions weeks after I asked them. I was such a fool.

Fortunately, I am most likely will be studying in the States for the next four years. Maybe I will come to visit. See how you're doing..... Catching up a lil bit... I hope you don't mind.

And, of course, there's still Graduate school. I'm gonna try again in 2016, Harvard. I'm going to work hard, and you're going to beg me to attend you by then.

Bye bye for now.

Your Narcissistic-Optimistic Lover


Sandy said...

I'm really sorry to hear about this! You still have plenty of schools to hear back from though, no? Keep me up to date with what schools you're getting into

Knitter Writer Blogger said...

Stay awesome, Nisa! You'll find an awesome school! :) Besides, it's Harvard's loss.
~ Knitter :)

sabilablabla said...

the fact that you dare to apply in such a school called harvard is just awesome.. I believe you'll find the better one.. cheer :D