04 July 2012

So I sent an email to Atamerica.....

Jadi, tanggal 31 Mei lalu, gue kirim email ke Atamerica. Karena ngga berhasil nemu alamat lain di websitenya, gue terpaksa kirim ke webmaster nya.

Email lengkapnya:

Nah kemarin, gue lihat twitternya si Bapak yang bersangkutan bahwa ternyata beliau akan manggung di Atamerica hari Sabtu ini!!! Woooooo!!!!!!

Mereka salah nulis tuh, judul lagunya "Two Steps At A Time"

Atamerica memang ngga respon email gue.... Tapi entah acara ini terselenggara berkat email yang gue kirim atau bukan, gue ngga sabar banget hari Sabtu! Allah emang super baik, 20 hari sebelum berangkat, seengganya gue akan nonton si Bapak ini manggung 2x lagi, dan sedang merencanakan yang ke-3 juga...

Untuk yang ngga ada kerjaan malam minggu ini, ikut gue yuk nonton!! Kapan lagi coba malam mingguan sama gue...... dan si Bapak yang bersangkutan tentu saja :p

30 June 2012

Me this past week

- Went to Palembang for cousin's wedding
- Had the best car ride ever with my two cool friends
- A day trip to Bandung to go to NBL All Star Game
- Went to Red White Jazz Lounge for Glenn Fredly and Indra Lesmana show

I've documented stuff from these events, and trying to write a decent post for each.... Lets see how it goes :)

16 June 2012

Just one of those days when I get to see this awesome pianist

Went to Goethe Haus two nights ago to see LLW playing. Despite the fact that I could not get in to the concert room (because it was FULL LOADED) and watched most of the show from a crappy screen (and by most, I mean all, except one encore song), it was good fun. It's always great to see him!

Also, since I have started all the countdown thing, this should be the third last show of the pianist that I will go to before leaving for the States....

Nisa: "Anjrit, gue tinggi banget!"
IL: "Ngga papa, lagi jaman kok,"
Nisa: "Lagi jaman?"
IL: "Iyaa,"
Nisa: "Apa yang lagi jaman?"
IL: "Cewe lebih tinggi dari cowo,"

13 June 2012

Should I get a Mac or a PC?

Should I get a Mac or a PC?

I have come down to two choices, 13 inch Macbook Pro and Lenovo Thinkpad T420 or T420s or T430 or T430s.

The Mac is "crappiest" version of the new Macbook Pro (not the one with Retina Display. They don't have it in 13 inch anyway). With student discount and 3 year warranty, it  would cost my father $1282. Plus, I will get a $100 Apps Store gift card that I can hopefully sell or effectively use.

The Lenovo.... Price is SO VARIED. I literally had a headache when I was researching... So many upgrades and choices... But the one that Wooster made as a starter computer (which is most probably what I'm gonna get if I am getting a Lenovo)  would cost $1039, tentatively, since I don't know when the last time Wooster updated their online Lenovo store.

I'd say the spec of the two computers are comparable. Both have disadvantages but made up with their advantages... And both are with 3 year warranty. I couldn't go wrong with the spec is what I'm trying to say.

Actually, I am about 75% sure on getting asking my father to get me a Mac... But I'm still open for suggestions..... Why or why not should I get a Macbook or Lenovo Thinkpad....

These are why I prefer Mac:

- Wooster Computer  Science Department kinda recommends Mac.
This is what a current CS major told me: "I am using Macbook pro and I totally love it. It's very easy to work with multiple windows. But again, it's totally up to people. I was using windows before I came to the States by the way. The college uses Mac for computer science classes. But there is no big problem even if you are a windows user. Some of the softwares we use work only for Mac. However, there is a computer science lab room in the college with all Mac pro's. If you are a CS major, you have 24-7 access to the room, so it should be fine"

- Great Lemon Warranty
Say I mistake my Mac to a basketball, and shoot it to the basket, and it breaks into pieces. I can literally walk up to the nearest Apple Store, and they'll get the new one for me. At least that's what I learned from my research. I don't know how reliable Lenovo warranty is. Might still need a little more research on this, but I doubt it will beat Apple. It's just.... It's so clear. Go to Apple Store, and bam! Fixed! While PC usually takes a while to see what's wrong with it, and repair it, and bla bla bla............

- PCs are just generally slower
I used my American family's Macbooks last year (despite of never having touched any Macs before). Pretty sure they're at least 2 or 3 years old... But they worked fine. NOT SLOW AT ALL. NOT EVER. While years and years I've been dealing with slow PC laptops and desktops... Maybe it's because, generally, people can do a lot of things to their PCs (which is one of PC's advantage) and that makes PC slow with applications and stuff. While Macs keep it simple and compact so they don't go slow. As if me... I almost never need/use fancy softwares (I edited my picture on Paint, or online even! Crop my songs online... Edit video with the basic Windows video editor) so I think I will be fine with Mac.

- Indra Lesmana makes music with Apple products. Lots of great artist make music with Apple products. :p

- Can't Go Wrong
So, I still don't know what I'm gonna major in. I am considering CS, Economics, Math, or International Relation...or two of them. If I do major in CS, I will probably need better computers. A Macbook Pro is about something in between.. It's a workhorse, compatible to work with CS classes, but not too fancy for the other classes (I mean, everyone is using it.. My Math-major American sister uses a single Mac for 4 years of college... Lots of my other non-CS-Major friends do as well.)

- Compact
I love how compact it is. Mac isn't attacked by viruses as much as PC is. The design from the outside, of course. Clean and compact and smart. Lenovo is big, black, and looked rugged. Most PCs are.

As I have mentioned earlier, so many upgrades here and there with Lenovo...... I DON'T FREAKING UNDERSTAND!! Well, at least for now... I will learn eventually, but as if now, those upgrades and applications offer just make me insecure about how good my computer is.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Food?

07 June 2012

How I Met Arki Wisnu

I have mentioned earlier that before I leave for the States, I have to personally meet these three people. I happened to see one of them last weekend. Arki Dikania Wisnu.

Picture by: Rocky Padila
Source: http://lockerz.com/s/201811741

A little intro about him, Arki is an Indonesian basketball player. Playing for Satria Muda Jakarta, he also in the roster of Indonesia Warriors, a team that plays in South East Asian League (ABL - ASEAN Basketball League). He is 2012 NBL Indonesia Rookie of the Year and Sixthman of the Year. He as well secures a spot in the league's first team. He was raised in New York. After spending years of schools and college there, he went back to Indonesia last year.

Now let's move on to the part where I get to meet him.

It was all started when my teammate was talking about our coach's having free tickets for Indonesia Warriors vs Philippines Patriots game on Sunday. I was so excited, but I had already made plans with Silfara and I couldn't turn her down (thanks to Tuesdays with Morrie, which I recently read, that says "Invest on people..."). So I thought... I can always meet Arki any other time, I can't break my promise to a good friend. The plan was she picked me up after a basketball practice on Sunday morning, and then we're off to a dancing event that she wanted to see.

On Sunday, Silfara texted me and say..... "Uh I'm still in Cileduk (okay, for those of you who don't know what/where Cileduk is, let's just say that this place is HORRIBLY far away from almost anywhere in Jakarta. Or on the planet. Seriously.) Can't pick you up in time for the thing...... What do you wanna do?" I called her and said, "Uh... Is it okay if I'm not coming?" Cause she sounded like she was with her friends from her dancing teams. "Sure," she said. "But make sure you sleep over at my house tonight."

So, I went to the game in Sports Mall Kelapa Gading with my two teammates. It was the second game of league's semifinal. Indonesia Warriors had won the first game in Manila, Philippines. If they won this game, they'll go straight to the finals. The game was awesome. Lots of dunks. Great players from around the world. The seats were nice as well, thanks to my coach. Arki did play for several minutes in the 4th quarter and scored a couple points from the free throw line. He's a rookie, okay....

After the game, my two teammates went off with their other friends and I was still there waiting for the players to come out with my other two friends. With about a jillion other fans there, we were quite doubtful that we're gonna get to see any of the players. And then, BOOM, Arki came out. He was one of the first players who came out. And he was still in his full uniform!!! Probably not taking a shower because he wasn't really sweaty at all. I got into a messy line to take picture with Arki. 

The signed article.
Translation: "First Year, Three Awards!"

When it was my turn, I gave a magazine that has a 4-pages article of him, and asked him to sign it for me. He was pretty confused how he was supposed to sign cause there was no table or anything like that and the room was full of people! So he asked me to hold the marker's cap, and AWKWARDLY bend down, to sign on his lap while standing up. CAN YOU IMAGINE?? I should have offered my back for him to write on. Ugh.

He was very quiet. Maybe because he does not speak Indonesian very well. I knew he loves Chipotle, so I asked him:

Nisa : "Arki, kamu suka makanan apa di Chipotle?"
Arki : ??????? (translation : Please speak a lil bit slowly. I don’t speak Indonesian that well)
Nisa : "What’s your favorite food in Chipotle?"
Arki : (Okay-now-I-get-it face) "Steak burrito."
Nisa : "Oh great!"

And then my friend snapped a picture. Winner!!!!

After that, I said thanks to him and he moved on to other fans that had been waiting for him. My friend and I walked away from the crowd, and I was sort of hugging her of happiness.

Arki is a great player. I adored him because he plays the American basketball and he played in a Division 3 school in the States, which is (hopefully) the league where I'm going to play in the States as well. THANK GOD FOR THIS CHANCE!!!!

One down!!! Two to go!!!!

P.S. About my other two targets... I actually HAVE met Monita Tahalea. A friend of mine actually WORKS with her and we've been introduced, and she had signed the album of her that I have (She knows my name and all!!!) I was just stupidly did not take any picture when we met!!! :(
Also, last week, I got an invitation to an event in which Adhitia Sofyan performed. But my friend who agreed to going there with me had no idea at all who Adhitia Sofyan is, which made me feel bad to STILL take her with me. And it was only me and my dad at home that night, so leaving him alone would be unethical (Invest on people, Morrie Schwartz said.)
Well, I hope there's still a chance to see them before I leave.. :)

01 June 2012

Things I wanna do in college

Just about everything under the sun...

(in order of preference...at least for now)

- Basketball!!!!!
- multiple on-campus jobs
- the volunteer groups
- Wooster Singers (a no-audition-required chorus)
- South-East Asian Students Association
- Muslim Students Association
- Lets Dance Society (ball room dancing)
- WOO91 (the college radio!!! I always wanted to be a Radio DJ!!!)
- International Students Association
- Another sport (maybe frisbee.... or football. I seriously intended to try out for the football team!!! Now, I'm not sure though...)

Most importantly......

DO THE WORK!!!!! So I can get into Harvard for Grad school. That's the main goal for now.

31 May 2012

I'm a high school grad, you don't wanna mess with me!

It was a fine monday morning, when I was talking to a friend about our teacher who just got back from Japan. "Well, you're gonna see her tomorrow on graduation!" my friend said.

I was literally like... HOLY MOLY, tomorrow is GRADUATION? seriously, TOMORROW??

Not that I haven't prepared anything. It's just, it felt so far away and suddenly, its here already!
My Mama and I had spent hours looking for the right kebaya and it's still in the plastic bag. The Batik long skirt also need to be ironed. And I still need to pick which shoes I was going to wear. My Mama had reserved a place at a salon for tomorrow morning though.

Theoritically, I need to be at Balai Sudirman at 7 in the morning. I was being a nice kid so I went to bed early. I went to bed at 11 PM. But of course I could not fall sleep. I read books on my phone, listened to the radio on my phone, back reading again, radio, reading, radio, reading... The last time I checked it was 1 in the morning.

I woke up at about 4, a few minutes before the alarm I set went off. I showered, took stuff to the car, and arrived at the salon at 5.15, 15 minutes passed the appointment. Annoyingly, THE HAIR DRESSER WAS NOT READY YET. So I waited and I waited and I waited. It wasn't until 5:40 the lady showed up. She was a nice old lady (she must be in the middle of her 60s). She was telling me about his grand sons, and her children (who apparently live in the states!)

My hair was done... My face was all caked up... I left the salon at about 6:40, went home to grab purse, and then left for Balai Sudirman. As expected, traffic was CRAZY. It took my Papa and I a little more than an hour to get there. Oh, and my Mama was out of town for work by the way. My bro needed to go to work, and my sis was on finals, so it was just me and my Papa.

So, we arrived at about 7:40. I get out of the car, rushed to the building..... Turned out my homeroom class had already walked to their seats. So, there was this ceremonial walking thing before we were seated... A little bit disappointed, I walked to where my classmates were seated. I sat down and we started talking.. Lots of catching up since we haven't met for weeks... lots of picture taking... it was just nice to see my classmates again!

So the whole thing was actually just talking and picture taking. There were important people talking on the stage, but we didn't really pay attention. Soem students with some achievements were called up to the stage and given a thing on their shoulder for their achievements... We paid attention to some of that, but other than that we were just like..... "LETS TAKE PICTURE!!!!"

And then, the most important part: Medals. So every graduate got this medal (which is actually plastic). Every one would get to the stage, the principal put the medal on us, pic taken, and then we walked to the other side of the stage, pic taken again. and then  off the stage. This is one good picture of me taken by Karunia Nurensa (thanks sooooo very much!)

After the medal, there were performances by teachers! Our principal sang, our teachers danced, some of the guy teachers tried to impersonate those korean boy bands... it was pretty and entertaining. Also, there was choir and some other musical performances and traditional dances i cant recall.. we were just too busy taking pictures! haha...

Sometime in the middle of the event, we took the yearbook. The book is pretty neat actually

Yes, that's a yearbook. Cool, huh?

After that, we did class photos. And I get to take pics with some of my favorite teachers (and also the teacher My friend and I talked about the day before!!!)

And that was it! We went home! :)

Everyone was pretty and handsome (shoot, i hate this word "handsome".. but cant find any word that would fit better). I was just talking about this with my friends that Guys in suits look about 2000 times better! And I unfortunately have to take my words back... Because when you're in a room when every guy wear suits, it'd come back to the guys themselves. They do look better than they are without suits, but relative to each other....... Better looking guys will look better. Sorry.

I did, however, make a remark about kebaya. Indonesian ladies (okay, and girls) are PWWWEEEEEEETY in kebayas!!!! Eventhough they're all caked up (like me, for example) they ARE soooooo pretty!

Another cool thing about the graduation is.... THE FOOD! Yup, one of my classmates's family owns the BEST catering service in town, which serves almost every school event. Their food are just MARVELOUS. Reaaaaaaaaally good. I ended up eating all of them for sure, but in the beginning of the event i could not do anything but staring at them (while they stared at me, hahahahahah) because I can't risk eating and ruining the make ups!!

I had soooo much fun!! It was excruciatingly tiring (I wore heels. It must be 2-3 centimeters), but I had the greatest time.

Thank you class of 2012 for such a wonderful year!!!!

P.S. I uploaded more photos on facebook. Here's the link to the album.

25 May 2012

Everette Harp and Indra Lesmana at Red White Jazz Lounge

So, I went to Red White Jazz Lounge again last night. Yes, the second time in 5 days!!!!! All started out when I saw that Indra Lesmana (of course, the coolest jazz musician on earth) will be performing with an American first-class saxophonist, Everette Harp.... On twitter, Indra said that they will play "Aku Ingin" which is one of Indra's biggest hits! So, I was like, MAN I WANNA GO!!! and realize there's no way I could since:
2. The first drink charge is one hundred and fifty freaking rupiahs. Which is about my lunch money for a week. Or two. Or maybe three during the summer, when I rarely go out. And I have spent a fortune on my last trip to RW Lounge.
3. My bro is out of town, and NO ONE WOULD PICK ME UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Fu*k the inability to drive.

And then God (being supah dupah good, as usual) started giving me hope:
1. SOMEONE GAVE ME FREE TICKETS! Yay!!! For two people! Now I just need to drag some one with me...
2. MY VERY BEST FRIEND SILFARA IS IN TOWN!! We've been friends for as long as know it. She'd come with me if I begged her to... Also, I think it's good for her to try some new things (jazz, in this case). PLUS she drives. And her parents are pretty lenient about going out at night, go home lateeee at night, so I can like sleep over her house.

So there I have it!

We got there at 10 pm, an hour late, but I knew they did not start until at least 9:30. Thankfully, we still got some space with great views! I get to meet a friend I've been looking forward to see (GREATNESS IN LIFE, THANK YOU GOD) and then we settled at a standing space (where I must have had blocking someone else's view, again, lol)

THE MUSIC! Yay finally. It was superrrrrrrrr great, of course. This is the song list, taken by Novan Yahya : http://instagr.am/p/K-kfH_SXJb/

The highlight for me and Silfara really is "Aku Ingin". (It's "I Wish" in English but I don't want to say "I Wish" because Indra actually has another song called "I Wish") that super hit, played by super high class musicians, LIVE...... Amazingness.
Also, in the car, Silfara and I had been listening to Indra Lesmana's Album "For Earth and Heaven" (which he produced when he was 18 in the US, awesome, I know). Some of the songs in that album was performed last night, and it's AWESOME to listen to those great songs, LIVE.
And, other songs are from Everette Harp's album. Which of course really really great.

In between songs, Indra talked, Everette talked, and Mr. Peter Gontha, who, as far as I concerned, is the one who set up Indra Lesmana and Everette Harp's Asian Tour to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan, talked.
I can't remember much of what they said.

Indra said a lot about how much he loved playing with Everette, and it really is an honor to play with him.

Everette said a lot of things. Looked like he was REALLY REALLY impressed with the band. Hahaha. And he said that it was only the second time in his career he played without his band, and these guys were great. He tried to pronounce the band members' names correctly (Denny TR (pronounced well), Barry Likumahuwa (pronounced well), Sandy WinARRRRRta (pronounced VERY well. He said it's influenced with his Italian. WinARRRRRTA) and Indra Lesmana (Indra MOREmana, he said, hahahaha)).

I wrote down two other thigs he said: "I hope you really know what you have here." to the audience about Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa, Sandy Winarta, and Denny TR. "I'd be impressed to find musicians this good in the States." 

He also talked about his album "My Inspiration" which was a tribute to his dad who passed away 5 years ago. Looks like his dad is his biggest influence, and I know for sure that Indra Lesmana share the feeling. They performed one of Everette's songs from the album "All Jazzed Up and Nowhere to Go"

Peter Gontha thanked the sponsors.. Garuda Indonesia, BMI, Departemen Pariwisata.... Also he said this is the first time, jazz musician in Everette Harp caliber collaborating with Indonesian musician.

After show, there was Gary Anthony performing with Oele Patisellano, Yance Manusama, and the rest of the band. Gary Anthony was a Frank Sinatra impersonator. It was such a nice, funny, performance. Unfortunately, lotsa people leave after the Everette show, which was such a HUGE loss for them!

Afterwards, I went up to the guy who gave me free pass and THANKED HIM FOR THAT!!! And then he introduced me to Mr. Everette Harp. I, being stupid, did not take picture (dang dang dang God oh why....... but You have been really really nice to me so this is NOTHING God, you should know that) well, the camera that Silfara brought ran out of battery, Silfara's blackberry was also ran out of battery, and my phone, still have some power in it, and it's a pretty good camera as well, but yeah, again, I was being stupid, so we did not take pics. Stooooooooopid. But, yeah, I get to talk to Mr.Everette Harp. Cool enough.

Silfara kept saying that they're all AMAZING people. All amazing people on stage together. She also said that she WOULD pay 150k for that. Hahaha!

Silfara: "Who's that guy on drums?" Lol. That's Sandy Winarta. "He's a great drummer." Yeah, pretty cute too, huh?

It was a great great night after all.


I finished the writing above on Thursday, May 24. In the morning, of course, maybe around 10 or 11. I was sleeping over Silfara's house, so I was still in her room, waiting for her to wake up. I left at about 1 PM, went to the gym, and then went home. I did intend to go back to Silfara's house that evening to help her with her online class work, until I saw a message on my twitter inbox. The guy who gave me the ticket the night before asked if I wanted to go again that night. I was like, "SUREEEEEEE!!! Need to double check with my friend first though. She had fun last night!"
I texted Silfara and she was dealing with her school about the wrong online class that she took (and paid for). Fortunately, she was all excited and still wanted to go out AGAIN that night and attempted to ask her friend to join us (failed. But at least she tried...)
We arrived a little bit earlier that night. And get a better parking space. Had some spare time to brush our hair in the car and all. The guy in the ticket box recognized me immediately and said "Nisa, right? Please just go ahead...." I just smiled to him and Silfara and I walked in. It was almost 10, but the show had not started yet. I believe there was a little less people than the night before at the lounge. The good thing is, we get seats!! Without reserving a table! Yahoo! So we sat down, ordered drinks, and eventually the show started.

The songs played that night were mostly the same... They played another original work of Indra Lesmana "No Standing" from the album "No Standing" he released in Los Angeles when he was SIXTEEN FREAKING YEARS OLD! Geezus chrysler! I haven't done sh*t when I was 16! Seriously, though, what have you done when you were sixteen? This guy is a real genius!!!

And then there was an encore.. they played "All Jazzed Up", and Everette told the audience about his dad again. Oh, and I haven't mentioned that Indra Lesmana's Mom, Nien Lesmana, was there that 2nd night. "Most importantly, did your mom enjoy it. Did you enjoy it?" Everette asked Nien Lesmana in the middle of the show. "Yes I did." she answered.

And have I told you that Everette Harp was a funny guy? He was, indeed. During the encore, he played his sax walking closely to each tables, as if he were playing privately for us! He also walked to the people standing outside the lounge, and it was just really funny cuz people were surprised!

There was no Gary Anthony that night. But I get to talk to Everette again and this time, we took pictures!!!

Everette Harp,  Nisa, Indra Lesmana

Everette Harp, Silfara, Indra Lesmana.

(Okay, I know that Silfara edited this picture, but don't you guys think Indra Lesmana looks MORE good-looking on this picture than the one with me? He ALWAYS does. Why does he look better on pic with my friends instead of me? Maybe, because I am REALLY AWESOME so he looks relatively a little less awesome when he's in one frame with me. Yeah. That must be why.)

Everette harp was very warm and nice. I told him that Silfara and I were going to college in the states, and we said that we're gonna go see him if he ever come to our area. He started asking where we went to school, bla bla bla... Super nice guy.

Of course I thanked the guy who gave me the tickets. Again. I walked up to him and talked to him for quite some time... He was gonna travel and all. It's always nice to see him and I have always been thankful for the relationship I have with him.

Everette Harp and Indra Lesmana Quartet previously performed at the Kuala Lumpur Jazz Festival in Malaysia, and are going to perform in Blue Note Tokyo, Japan on May 27-28. So they have only a couple days off before they fly again.

It must be nearly 1 AM when I air kissed my friend (the guy who gave me ticket) and left the lounge.

Freebies, best friends, awesome musicians......What a remarkable two-nights!!!!

20 May 2012

I thank God for my good life

Gue: "Om, manggilnya Tante Titi apa Mbak Titi?"
IL : "Kalo kamu manggil dia Mbak Titi, kamu harus manggil aku Mas Indra"

06 May 2012

Status Selama Antri Interview di Kedubes Amerika Serikat

Karena ngga boleh bawa alat elektronik apapun ke dalam Kedubes, dan gue terlalu nervous untuk baca buku, gue pun membawa pulpen dan kertas untuk mencatat kejadian-kejadian yang gue anggap"penting."

Gue sampai di US Embassy hampir jam 7. Ternyata antrian ngga mulai dari bawah rel kereta kaya dua tahun yang lalu. Tapi antrian di depan Dubes juga udah panjang.... Jadi sebenernya sama aja. Aduh, gue deg deg an banget.......

7:15 AM
Lewat sekuriti 1 !! Fiuh! One down! Ditanya, "Kamu umur berapa?" Yeh, si mbak, ngeledek ya mbak.... Hehehe.... Kayanya kalo dibawah umur ngga boleh sendirian.

7:20 AM
Bahu mulai sakit, punggung mulai pegel #MasalahCewekSkoliosis

7:32 AM
Lolos sekuriti 2 !! Woo!! Winner!! Haha.. Akhirnya masuk gedung embassy nya. Gue inget ini lapangan basketnya keren! Dan sungguh, antriannya ngga separah dua tahun lalu. ---->winner

7:45 AM
Dokumen diperiksain pegawai kedutaan di antrean. Hahaha, pegawai-pegawai Indonesia yang kerja di US Embassy emang galak-galak banget.... Makanya kayanya gue cocok kerja di sini, huahahaha.

8:05 AM
Lolos sekuriti 3 !! Wihiiii! Gue ga ditanya apa-apa, kecuali "Berapa orang?" dan "Ada paspor lain?" terus sekarang gue nunggu di ruang tunggu pertama. Seinget gue, ini satu kali lagi nunggu di dalem, terus baruuu deh di interview. Fuuh jangan lama-lama dong... Boseeeeeeen....

8:15 AM
Abis dari toilet...... Aduh ini cowo depan gue ganteng banget..... Dateng ber empat sama Ayah, kakak, dan adik nya.

8:17 AM
Nyeeeeeh masih lama banget nih kayanya. Masih ada kelompok 13 belom dipanggil (sedangkan gue kelompok 15) aduh rasanya pengen rebahan.... Punggung sakit banget.

8:22 AM
WUT ada orang-orang yang kelompok 25!!!!!
Oooooh.... Ngerti gue sekarang... Ternyata tergantung jam jadwal interview! Gue jadwal jam 7, makanya kelompok 15, orang-orang yang kelompok 25 itu jadwalnya jam 8.

"Adek beli apaan?
"Gak boleh dibawa ke dalem......"
"Aku abisin. Orang sedikit kok....
Kakak: *smh*

Buang sampah pada tempatnya..... Mungut sampah di lantai..... #PriaIdaman

8:28 AM

8:30 AM
Bahkan masih ada kelompok 10...... I'm gonna dieEeEeEeEeEeEeEE

Asyiknya, sekarang udah ngga deg-degan sih.... Udah tinggal kesel nunggu, hehe.... Alhamdulillah... :)

8:32 AM
EH 13 DAN 14 DIPANGGIL!!!! Horeeee sedikit lagi
BTW daritadi gue disangka anak orang mulu........ Jarang kali ya pake baju sekolah datengnya sendirian.

8:37 AM
LOL toilet rame banget.... Orang-orang pada nervous kali ya..... Untung gue udah ke toilet tadi....

8:40 AM
Huah..... Akhirnya masuk ruang tunggu konsuler alias ruang tunggu di dalem yang ada AC nya dan tempat duduk nya ada senderan.... #ProblemCewekSkoliosisSolved
Di sini pertama bakal diambil sidik jari (masih kelompok 10) terus nunggu lagi untuk dipanggil interview (masih kelompok 7)

8:47 AM
Ini apa-apaan deh..... Masa di dalem sini colokannya 3, macem di Amrik..... Jadi inget JIS. Kira-kira di sana colokannya 3 juga ngga ya?
ADUH MULAI NGERI NIH GAK BISA NULIS.... Haha mulai nervous dan harus konsentrasi kelompok yang dipanggil dan ke loket berapa.

8:50 AM
Untung ngga bawa buku..... I wouldn't be able to read in this kind of environment...... WAY TOO INTENSE. LOL :))

9:03 AM
Kelar ambil sidik jari, sekarang agak tenang baca Times.

9:24 AM
Akhirnya dipanggil ke loket... HARI GINI MASIH NYELAK BU????!?!??!?!

9:45 AM
YES APPROVED!!!!!! Sekarang lagi di kopaja 502, pulaaaang!

01 May 2012

What I need to do everyday (in this three month long holiday)

- EXERCISE!! (stretch, jog, thigh exercises, sit ups, back ups, push ups)
- work on the online classes I'm taking at cousera.org ("Computer Science 101" and "Introduction to Logic")
- work on the book my friend and I are writing (my target is to write two pages a day)
- blog every other day on a blog project my friends and I are working on
- re-study calculus, trying to remember how to use that fancy Texas Instrument calculator, preparing for the Math placement exam (my target is to study an hour a day)
- re-study Spanish, preparing for the placement test as well (my target is also studying for an hour everyday)
- reading! got lotsa things on my summer reading list
- adding more and more songs to my playlist for my soon-to-be iPod touch

29 April 2012

Refleksi Final NBL Indonesia Season 2011-2012

Final tahun ini... MEGAH banget. Sajian entertainment pre-game nya bener-bener oke. Penontonnya juga rame banget. Tiketnya sold out, sekitar 8000 penonton di venue pertandingaan final di GOR Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. Kerennya, dua tim yang berlaga di final adalah tim asal Jakarta. Tapi antusiasme penonton Jogja tetep tinggi. Atau, lebih ekstrim lagi, para pendukung dari berbagai daerah ramai-ramai ke Jogja untuk nonton. Kalimat yang terkahir jujur mengingatkann gue pada NBA Finals. Orang-orang dateng dari seluruh PENJURU DUNIA untuk nonton. Tiket dijual dari satu bahkan dua tahun sebelumnya. Belum sekeren itu tentunya, but it's a good sign, yes?

Di twitter, #finalNBLIndonesia masuk top ten worldwide trending topics untuk beberapa lama. Yaa... Meskipun ini ngga bisa menggambarkan banyak hal sih.... Orang-orang Indonesia kan emang rajin ngetwit... Hehehe.

Pertandingannya itu sendiri ngga seketat yang gue harapkan. Perlawanan Aspac jauh dibawah ekspektasi. Jauuuuuuuuh, daripada yang gue tonton di regular season di Jakarta beberapa minggu yang lalu. Saat itu, Satria Muda menang lewat over time. Tapi, yang penting, pemain favorit gue, Arki Dikania Wisnu, mainnya keren meskipun lagi cedera ankle! Dia emang bener-bener jagoan deh! Hohoho.

Satu hal yang pasti, ngeliat pertandingan itu gue makin kangen main basket. Kangen main di lapangan. Kangen berada di "panggung". Kangen punya tim yang percaya sama gue dan yang bisa gue percaya. Kangen liat para supporter. Kangen!

Liburan kali ini, main basket yang bener lagi deh... Insya Allah.... :)

Seleksi Tahap 1 - Pertukaran Pelajar AFS Bina Antar Budaya

Karena lagi jadi observer (a.k.a pengawas) di ujian seleksi pertukaran pelajar Bina Antar Budaya, gue bosen dan akhirnya nulis-nulis di handphone gue... Here goes!

Tes pengetahuan umum dimulai! Gue udah ngga inget lagi soal-soal pengetahun umum nya kaya gimana... Yang pasti, gue ngga ngerasa kalo soal itu super susah ataupun super gampang.

But I do remember soal-soal bahasa Inggrisnya gampang, hehehe :))

Di bagian essay, gue nulis tentang orang-orang yang berjasa dalam hidup gue. Salah satu paragraf ngebahas tentang idola gue, si Pak Indra Lesmana. Heheheheh

Setelah ituuuuuu gue deg-degan liat pengumuman di internet.

Tes tahap 2, diwawancara sama bule dan seorang volunteer (kayanya waktu itu Kak Wendy). Nothing special. Intinya cuma ngobrol doang. But I do remember I was so nervous... :D

Tes tahap 3 itu paling seru. Kerja kelompok. Setelah tesnya selesai, gue pikir gue ga akan lolos, sampe curhat-curhat ke beberapa orang terdekat tentang hasilnya yang sepertinya akan gagal.

Tapi akhirnya, alhamdulillah lolos juga ke tahap Nasional. Hehehe...

Setelah itu udah ngga ada tes lagi. Sisanya adalah seleksi berkas yang alhamdulillah gue lolos juga... Dan ujungnya berangkat deh ke Amerika. Hehehehe.

an applicant: "Kak, ini ngisi tanggalnya pake angka atau pake huruf?" Me: -____-

Waah, udah mulai break! Aduuuh keabisan risol jatah observer~~~~

Ada yang nama sekolahnya "School of Universe" !!!! #barudenger

Tes bahasa Inggris dimulai! Liat-liat soal.... Keliatannya lebih susah nih dari tes jaman gue dulu. Ini bagian reading nya selevel UN SMA Kelas 3 yang baru kemarin ini nih.

Ehhhh baru 45 menit udah banyak aja yang tidur! Perasaan dulu gue ngga sempet tidur-tidur deh.... Hmmm...

Break lagi! Ternyata makan siang bukan Hokben seperti biasanya, hehehehe

Ternyata di ruangan lain ada yang ketauan pake RPUL dan Alfalink! #GosipObserver

Mulai bagian menulis essay!! Seruuu nih!

Gue lagi berusaha inget-inget apa yang dulu gue tulis..... Tapi beneran lupaaaaaaaaaa :(

Pilihan topik tahun ini serius semua... Dulu gue pilih topiknya yang agak nyantai, hehe

Ternyata masih ada yang bingung essay itu apa :( but I must say that I wrote my first essay on this selection test. Gue sebelumnya ngga pernah nulis essay... Gue taunya essay = jawaban uraian di ujian #salahinsistemsekolahyangjarangmenulis

Hahaha ada sepasang anak kembar di ruangan yg gue awasin..... Gue ga kenal ada anak kembar yang dua-duanya berangkat... Atau anak kembar sekalipun! 

Nulis essay in class gini susah banget lagi.... High pressure! Apalagi diliatin kakak-kakak galak macam gue.... Semangat adek-adek!

Wahhhhh ada yang kertas buremnya penuh dengan mind map, ada yang rapih banget, jadi kaya nulis 2x essay, haha. Me? I don't think I wrote on my kertas burem extensively... I remember using it though...

Selesai deh! Pulangnya dapet luggage tag AFS... Lumayan buat berangkat ke Amrik nanti, heheheheh :)

28 April 2012

25 April 2012

Thoughts on Barca's Loss

Pagi ini gue dikejutkan dengan berita gagalnya Barcelona lolos ke final liga champions setelah cuma seri dengan Chelsea di Santiago Bernabeu.

Sebagai supporter Manchester United, gue adalah pengikut setia liga Inggris. Baru beberapa tahun terakhir ini gue mulai mengikuti liga-liga lain, termasuk Spanyol. Tahun ini terutama, Real Madrid dan Barcelona lagi hot-hot nya, dan bokap gue yang pendukung Real Madrid kali ini harus ga sejalan sama gue yang lebih suka Barcelona dengan Messi nya yang keren.

Respon pertama gue saat denger kekalahan gue ini tentu saja adalah ANJIRRRRRRRR HOKI BANGET DAH TUH CHELSEA @!)*$#*!(@!@)#!*@*!(!)!)@(#(!()!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tapi respek gue ke Chelsea muncul setelah tau kalo mereka main dengan 10 orang sejak lumayan awal di pertandingan (kapten pula yang keluar!), Messi gagal mengeksekusi pinalti (tim mana coba yang bisa bikin messi nervous sampe tendangan pinaltinya cuma nge hantem tiang atas gawang???!?!!), dan, tentu saja, ga sembarangan tim bisa cetak 2 gol di Saint Bernabeu. Let alone dengan 10 pemain, let alone di semifinal liga champions yang ketat.

Liat review gol nya pagi ini, gol pertama Barca keliatan kalo itu gol "normal" nya barca. Santai, manis, indah.... Keliatannya mereka bakal menang mudah, seperti dugaan banyak orang. Trus belum apa-apa udah satu gol lagi. Cakep kan. Tapi ternyata semua-semua nya lain.

Keren ya sepak bola. Pertandingan olahraga sih pada umumnya. Buat yang nonton pertandingan semalem, beruntung deh, keren banget tuh pasti. Gue biasanya selalu berpihak sama tim -tim under dog (yaaa kecuali tim-tim favorit gue ya... haha) tapi kali ini, gue untuk Barca. Dan meskipun seperti yang gue bilang, gue adalah pengikut liga Inggris, gue selalu benci sama chelsea (yaa... doi kan saingannya M.U.) dan berharap dia kalah di final nanti (haha).

Dan, John Terry, meskipun dia salah satu bek terbaik yang timnas Inggris punya (dan gue pun fans nya timnas Inggris), dia bukan pemain yang gue suka. Eh kan dia dapat kartu merah ya semalem, berarti ngga bisa main di final dong ya? Please someone say "Yes" pleaaaaaaase (hahaha jahat. kasian deh lo John Terry). Kasian sama Messi, semoga dia tabah menghadapi cobaan-cobaan ini. Kalah di El Classico, Kalah di Liga Champions, gagal pinalti krusial.... Dan, I'm happy for Torres. Akhirnya golin juga tuh orang. Dia bukan pemain yang particularly gue suka, but I've been in his position (diandalkan, eh tapi malah mandul) and it sucks. Glad he's back to business!

Sekarang gue dukung Bayern Muenchen nih. Kalahin Madrid ya. Enek gue liat mukanya si Cristiano Ronaldo. Yuck.

13 April 2012

The Countdown

3 days before FINALS
12 days before the deadline of a research project my friends and I are working on
14 days before going to Red White Jazz Lounge for the first time since November
48 days before the deadline of some pre-arrival forms to Wooster
63 days before the deadline for some other forms
112 days before vacation to Iowa
127 days before orientation starts
133 days before COLLEGE starts


31 March 2012

Replying Harvard's Email

This is me and Harvard, May 2011

This is what he wrote me, March 2012

Dear Harvard,

Thank you for your email yesterday. I find it very politely written and heart-warming. I even smiled because I know you are saying the truth.

But, Really, Harvard? REALLY????????

I thought what we had that summer was something.... I THOUGHT IT WAS SOMETHING REAL. What about I run around Cambridge looking for your Admission Office? What about those strokes on John Harvard's shoe eventhough I know  for a fact that undergrad students peed on it? What about when I toured you with your cute student with "Hahvahd" shirt and your Asian-American student with a 2400 SAT score? What about when I witnessed the Commencement of the Class of 2011?

I can't believe you just forget about it. I thought I was not just another visitor. I thought I wasn't just your summer fling, Harvard.

Why, Harvard, why?
Is it because my very low test scores? Is it because my mediocre grades? Is it because my parents can't afford to build you a new library under their names? Is it because my lousy essays? Is it because I hardly do anything else other than basketball but I'm still not that good? Is that why?

I knew something was wrong when you didn't offer me an interview. But I thought I was one of the most special ones who do not even need interviews.

Maybe I should've smelt it when your admission officers answered my questions weeks after I asked them. I was such a fool.

Fortunately, I am most likely will be studying in the States for the next four years. Maybe I will come to visit. See how you're doing..... Catching up a lil bit... I hope you don't mind.

And, of course, there's still Graduate school. I'm gonna try again in 2016, Harvard. I'm going to work hard, and you're going to beg me to attend you by then.

Bye bye for now.

Your Narcissistic-Optimistic Lover

02 March 2012

Simon Grey?

I was listening to Simon Grey while printing out some practical exams material. Never heard the name before? Don't worry -- me neither. Not until a couple of weeks ago, anyway. That's when I found out that he's gonna perform with Indonesia's coolest jazz pianist on Java Jazz Festival, to which I'm going to go to this Sunday.
So, Simon Grey's music? Not bad, really. It's house music, with touches of soul, nu jazz, electronicas stuff. Which will be very interesting to be played with Indra Lesmana. Soooo pumped for Java Jazz Festival!!!!

29 February 2012


Some major happiness today:
1. Latihan senam sukses
2. Reception dinner for Freeman Asian Scholars ternyata lebih seru dari yang gue bayangkan
4. Naskah pidato untuk Ujian Praktek Bahasa Indonesia kelar in like 15 mins.
5. Sukses belajar buat Ujian Praktek Kimia besok.

10 February 2012

Gue pernah solat di....

Terinspirasi sama postingnyannya Arky tentang shalat-shalat yang aneh... Gue mencoba mengingat-ingat tempat-tempat shalat gue dulu pas gue di Amerika....

- Toilet
Sering banget! Karena di Amerika toiletnya kering, asal gue bawa sajadah jadi menurut gue fine-fine aja. Seringnya di toilet untuk orang-orang handicapped, karena biasanya lebih luas. Tapi seinget gue beberapa kali pernah juga kok di toilet biasa. Contoh nya pas gue nonton Washington Wizards di Verizon Center.

- Tempat ganti popok / tempat menyusui
Nah it's a slightly different version of toilet. Ada semacam meja buat naro bayi gitu. Dilakukan setiap kali nonton Washington Nationals di Nationals Park, dan setiap kali ke Museum.

- Storage room nya Perpustakaan sekolah
Tempat yang disediain sekolah untuk gue shalat dzuhur di sekolah. It was clean and spacious.

- Locker room
Kalo pernah merhatiin locker room nya tim olahraga (basket, atau futbol, misalnya) yang suka ada di film-film amerika, ya itulah tempat shalat gue kalo perlu shalat right before basketball games or practices.

- Ruang kelas
Ini mah agak biasa kali ya... Di Indonesia pun temen-temen gue ada yang males ke masjid dan memilih untuk shalat di kelas gue yang ada nya di lantai 3. Aanyhow, pas di Amrik ini gue lakuin pas tanding basket di sekolah lain yang locker room nya kurang adequate.

Hmmm.... Di mana lagi ya..... (coba pikir-pikir).....

22 January 2012

Places I might be in this time next year :

- Cambridge, MA, USA
- South Hadley, MA, USA
- Amherst, MA, USA
- Berea, KY, USA
- Grinnell, IA, USA
- Middletown, CT, USA
- Wooster, OH, USA
- Canton, NY, USA
- Bremen, Germany
- Berlin, Germany
- Singapore, Singapore
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- Jakarta, Indonesia