13 December 2011

Will Presiden SBY ever gonna make it to the TIME cover?

I read bunch of stuff about Indonesia's former President, Soekarno, earlier today. And found out that he was on TIME Magazine Cover. Twice. December 1946 and March 1958.

I was just about to tweet how cool he is, until I realized that President Suharto must have made it too. And searched for it, and yes he did. Sometime in 1966.

In addition, I saw tons of cool pictures of President Soekarno, with bunch of cool people, speaking at cool places, listened by cool people.

Indonesia needs another figure like him, I guess that's my point.

Links to those covers:
President Sukarno, December 23, 1946.
President Sukarno, March 10, 1958.
President Suharto, July 15, 1966.

And by the way, "Presiden SBY" was not a typo. It just sounds better that way, instead of "President SBY."

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