26 December 2011

Just so you know...

I now have a tumblr!


My tumblr post will be in English. So, English speaking friends, please do follow me on tumblr.

I will still, of course, write here. My writings here will be noticably longer. And some of my post here will be in Indonesian, as you might have noticed.

13 December 2011

Will Presiden SBY ever gonna make it to the TIME cover?

I read bunch of stuff about Indonesia's former President, Soekarno, earlier today. And found out that he was on TIME Magazine Cover. Twice. December 1946 and March 1958.

I was just about to tweet how cool he is, until I realized that President Suharto must have made it too. And searched for it, and yes he did. Sometime in 1966.

In addition, I saw tons of cool pictures of President Soekarno, with bunch of cool people, speaking at cool places, listened by cool people.

Indonesia needs another figure like him, I guess that's my point.

Links to those covers:
President Sukarno, December 23, 1946.
President Sukarno, March 10, 1958.
President Suharto, July 15, 1966.

And by the way, "Presiden SBY" was not a typo. It just sounds better that way, instead of "President SBY."

05 December 2011

Nama : Nisa
Asal : Jakarta
Agama : Islam
Obsesi : Kuliah di Amerika