02 August 2011

Day-Offs Don't Do Me Much

I had 2 days off because Ramadan started yesterday (Happy Ramadan, all Muslim friends!) and I did not do as much things as I wanted. Not even a proper, 8-hour sleep. No hard core studying, no cleaning my room. Nothing.

I did, however, make a list. You know, things you do when you got bored. This time is about things that make me happy and things that do not, at least in the first month I'm back in Jakarta.


1. Reading. I read a whole bunch of stuff this past month, surprisingly. From the States' debt-ceiling articles, to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Even more surprising, I read everywhere. In the computer, for some stuff that I can only get online, between classes, even in a packed, bad-smelling Jakarta's public buses that I take regularly.

2. Playing basketball. There were times when I played basketball too much and happened to hate it, wondering why I started playing in the first place. Thank goodness this past month basketball practices had been fun. I'm so happy to see my teammates again, and play with them. Practices are also not as intense as they used to be, yet.

3. Receiving letters. I got letters from my family and friends in Arlington, which made me incredibly happy. I have a new habit : checking the mailbox every single time I see it. Really, letters are something that I look forward to and having something to look forward to, according to my experience, really is a good thing.

4. That jazz musician. I went to two of his shows this past month, after going to none of them for 10 months. It was just so awesome.

5. Hang out with AFSers. I actually just realized why I get along very well with these kids. We got through the same process of selection to go abroad. I guess AFS had some kind of criteria, and we all are in that criteria, and so, character-wise, we are similar. Also, we got pretty similar experience living thousands miles away from home for 10 months, and going back to school with kids a year younger.


1. School. Yeah, school just sucks in general.

2. Sick people. I mean literally sick people. My Papa was hospitalized when I was gone. In fact, he is taking medication right now. I have a sister who has been sick for several years. My brother is sick right now. I was also sick for a couple times since I arrived (I think it's due to body-adapting, or something like that).

3. College applications. Started some of them this morning, and it's horrible. It's so complicated,  even  with that Common Application thing.

4. Not playing guitar. I haven't play guitar for... I don't even know. One month, for sure. And probably the last couple of weeks in the States, since I was too busy doing the end of the year stuff and of course packing.

5. Not being home. Not being with my family. Not being with my dogs. I hate missing everything at home. I hate being away. I hate thinking of home -- I want to be actually in it.

So yeah, that's it. I have been blogging for nearly 3 years now, but still do not develop the skill to end a post. So, that's it. The end. Whatever.

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