09 June 2011

I remember sitting in this library about 10 months ago, crying over the fact that I have to move to a new family. I listened to Kings of Convenience's "Homesick" over and over again; yet I still seemed to not have any control about the tears streamed down my face.
Now, sitting in the very same room, I could not help to cry while looking at my host family's pictures. It was old pictures. I was not in any of them. The kids were small. My dad was young. My mom seemed ageless -- she did not change at all.

I am leaving Arlington in 18 days.

"It's getting closer, huh?" my teacher said. "But you'll be back before you know it."

And that just made my day.

04 June 2011

Boston - Philly

Friend : "Nisa, you look so tan!"
Me : "I've been going to the pool a lot lately."
Another friend : "Wait, I thought you were going to... (thinking) Philadelphia. "
Friend : (giving him a look) "She went to Boston."
Another friend : "Same thing!"