05 May 2011

Pre and Post AP Calculus AB Exam

Ooooooh ah!

I did my very first AP Exam yesterday. It was Calculus AB. As I said to anyone who asked about it, alhamdulillah it went okay.

What I'm going to post here is some of my writing I put in my cellphone the night before the AP Exam and the night after the AP Exam. Not that they are coherent -- they're just fun to post.

Note details:
10:07 PM
1 kB
Tomorrow morning is the AP Exam. But I hate being at home right now. I think my mom hates me. I thought she was being quiet and looked tired and all in the last couple of days because Dad is not in town. But Dad's in town this evening. But she still didn't talk to me. She didn't ask me how my day was and all. I hope she does not hate me. Not that it really matter, because no matter how, I love her so much.
And of course no one really cares about my taking the AP Exam. Except Zoe, who probably doesn't have anything better to be thought about. So I texted some people I love, telling them about the exam. And God is so good that they responded very quickly, unusually. It feels good to know that you have people who love you and care about your taking silly little AP Exam.
Probably there's nothing wrong. Probably I'm just being selfish, self-centered, and hungry of attention. Being a grossly immature 18 years old. Maybe I should stop writing and go to bed.

Note Details:
I wonder why I can't go to sleep sometimes.
I probably get too excited. Yeah, probably. I was very excited about my new idea for the senior project.
I'm probably too tired. Yeah, I walked for like 45 minutes today.Or probably I just simply missed the moment. Probably went to bed too late and I missed the moments to sleep and life is all about the perfect moments and there's no such thing as second chances.
Gah. I'm blabbing.
It's 2:37. I'm going to be dead at frisbee practice tomorrow. I don't want to go to school in the morning.

Updates after and during these 2 posts:
- I woke up early in the morning on May 4. Dad was in the kitchen having breakfast. He "good luck"-ed me with the AP Exam and I "good luck"-ed him for his testifying that day. "You'll do great. See you tonight." he said. But I didn't saw him last night. :) :(
- I still did not feeling very great at home. So I went to the Cherrydale library after school (and saw Jordan! and talked to him), did some work. And then I went to KFC to get dinner, instead of going to Senior Recital as my initial plan. I walked home from KFC. I arrived just in time for Mom, Dad, and their friend walked out the door for going out for dinner.
- I talked to Armedi!! :)
- I wrapped some souvenirs from Indonesia for people in my government class. Will give it to them tomorrow.
- I finally talked to mom this morning, like in normal way. I hope she does not (and did not) hate me
- I got a super duper awesome idea for Senior Project! Instead of shadowing Coach Garrison in the kindergarten, I would VISIT COLLEGES around Arlington, and intensively preparing myself for the SAT and TOEFL. I called it "My Second Senior Year Preparation."
- Last thing : Next AP Exam : US History on Friday, May 6 and US Government and Politics on Tuesday, May 10. Wish me luck! :)

Okay... I'm getting tired now. Write to you soon!! xxx

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