05 May 2011

Loners Don't Visit College

The problem with being an loner is, people think there's no such thing as a "loner," therefore, the first question they'd ask is : "Who are you here with?" whereas in fact I was not with anybody and I cannot careless taking anyone with me. And it's not completely my fault because first of all, other people's presence does not necessarily means making things easier. Second of all, I've usually tried to get people to come with me, but no one would. Lastly, even though deep down inside, I am lonely, no one cares about my being lonely.

(Thoughts after seeing a deal from Amtrak for college campus visitors : Buy One Full-Fare Ticket, Get 50% Off Companion Ticket! Hey, what if I'm going by myself? Oh wait, no one goes to college visits BY THEM SELVES.)

p.s. I change the word "Individualist" to"loner" because I think it fits better.


sabilablabla said...
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sabilablabla said...

gw setuju bgt sama yg ini I change the word "Individualist" to"loner" because I think it fits better.. hehe.. interesting bgt baca blog orang indonesia yg tinggal di washington DC.. keep blogging y!! :)
Oya, sedikit ngelink blognya di posting blog gw.. disini http://sabilablabla.blogspot.com/2011/05/good-bad-and-ugly.html.. gapapa, kn? hehe..