01 April 2011

The Kids Are All Right

I just watched the Kids Are All Right this afternoon. I think it is nominated in a lot of different nominations in the 2011 Academy Awards (if not winning).

So yeah, i think it is a pretty good. movie. Kinda gross to think that you have 2 moms (1 of them is kinda manly.... and obviously gross). I, of course, jealous about the whole older guy figure (I WANT AN ADULT BEST FRIEND, seriously... I think I'm very, very comfortable with adults around. Anyway.... )But they done it so well.

Favorite lines (also, of course, I tweeted them) (chosen because when I heard them I screamed quitely (even sometimes loudly) "OMG THAT'S SO ME")

"I don't know... I just wish that you could've been............. Better."
Yep. This is right. I do not know what I want people do to me. I just want to feel better.

 "If you want a family so much, you go out and make your own."
This is so me. I kinda wish I have a family like my host family. Not that I dont like my natural family. It's just... Regardless, I love both my natural family and host family.

Laser : "Are you serious about the crying?"
Jules : "I wish you were gay, you'd be much more sensitive."  

Life updates:
- 4 day weekend turned to 5 day weekend! 
Yup, friday is teachers' work day, and monday is senior skip day, so four day weekend for me. Plus, I hardly have any classes today because half of school was going to Florida for a music trip. So I skipped HIstory class at 8:20 in the morning (with a full support from my mom) and went to my last college essay writing class which only last for 30 minutes.
- We talked about love at the first sight during dinner today
- I ate frosted flakes for the first time in a very long time

Okay, this is getting boring. See ya!

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