07 April 2011

5 Day Weekend

What happened :


So, I got only 2 classes that day. 8:20 block and a 1:30 pm College Essay Writing class, which is an elective class, and it was our very last meeting (because electives change every quarter and it was the last day of the quarter). And, ARCTIC MONKEYS's concert tickets start being sold at 10 am sharp. Also, it was the Washington Nationals opening day, which mean their very first game of the season. So, I decided to skip history class (with, of course, full support from my pretty mommy) get tickets, and go to school at 1:30 to go to that stinking 50 minutes long class.
Okay, so I waited for the tickets but I ended up did not get it because it sold out like 2 seconds after 10 (literally) ("Life is so unfair," I skyped my mom). My writing class finished after only 30 minutes of trash talk. I went to the library and miss the school bus. Life was (and is) hard.


Teachers' Work Day! It's the end of third quarter (so sad) and no school for students. However, my Calculus class held a AP Calculus Test Practice Day. So I went to school at ten, work on the practice test, until about noon, ate doughnuts and bagels, and went to the library for a little bit, and went home.
In the afternoon, I betrayed my family by watching "The Kids Are All Right" all by myself! ("Sorry, Mom, it's (the DVD) been there FOREVER and I've been wanting to watch it," the betrayer said.) It's a good movie.


I went to Dee's in the morning. We're supposed to visit American University except I forgot to make reservation for the tour and stuff. So we ended up went to her house and work on our presentation about Indonesia at AFS Meeting on Thurdsay afternoon (this afternoon!!). We had a very nice lunch, ramen + eggs. Too bad they did not have Indomie. Later in the afternoon, Dee and I went to Botanical Garden (which was very nice, warm, and pretty. And has lots of things we see in our backyard in Indonesia) and to the Holocaust Museum (which was VERY crowded (Yes, locals are not supposed to visit museums on weekends) but very good museum. Although I feel that we have not explored enough because we were very tired. I arrived home late afternoon.

Mom and Dad took us to the baseball game on Sunday. It was Nats vs Atlanta Braves. Yes, it was the vary same team that the Nats played when I came to the baseball game for the very first time last fall, except Adam Dunn is no longer here, and I do not know what has changed for the Braves. Anyway... Nats were suck! They lost 11-2 :( But as my mom said, we still love them :D
I watched "Revolutionary Road" on Sunday afternoon/evening. It was the first movie Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet play together after Titanic. Review? Well, that was one of few movies that I forced myself to keep watching just to finish what I have started.

On Monday, I watched WASHINGTON CAPITALS practice in Ballston. It was very, very crowded. I cannot imagine how its going to be on the weekends. Got a lot of pictures of the players. It's cool because we were like super close to the players. I got some tshirts for my brother. And I will definitely come back to get my stuff signed by those players (some of them do go out and sign stuff after the practice).
After watching the practice, I supposed to have lunch at Ballston and go downtown to do a volunteer work for the Cherry Blossom Festival.... until Yannick called and told me about the SENIOR BBQ. So I skipped the volunteer work and went to Bluemont Park instead. It was fun. I talked to people. I ate a lot of  junk food, which made my stomach upset later.

Wow, THAT'S a lot of writing! Appreciate everyone who reads it! (or just come by and put comments, or whatever)

See ya all!

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