28 March 2011

Weekend Madness

What's true :

I have NOTHING left on my MARCH MADNESS brackets. Dammit. The good thing is, VCU is going to the final four. VCU is from Virginia, so I'm gonna cheer for it! wahoo!

Spring break is in 20 days!

I have a load of work to do, Dammit.

I am currently reading "Play Their Hearts Out" by George Dohrmann. It's about grass roots basketball business. Next on the reading list : The Brain Book.

I still can not get "See the World" out of my head.

I had a very busy weekend:

1. Friday : School's highlight: Got 3 tests in a day! Doing pretty okay on Gov't test and Physics test... And I do not know what's gonna happen to my Spanish vocab quiz. I got frisbee practice after school. It was FREEZING cold. So I left 30 mins early. I went to Ballston to take care of my 'dead' phone, which turned out to be only needed to be refilled. I ate a huge bag of chips for dinner. I read my book. I went back to school to go to "Boy Gets Girl" a play. It was AMAZING. My dad picked me up afterwards... I was extremely tired.

Saturday :
Mom came to my room in the morning, asked how was my day and stuff (which made me very happy) and after lots of planning and re-planning, instead of volunteering for the CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL (which resceduled to the next day) and going to LASER TAG with my basketball team, Mbak Vici of VOA and I ended up going to BALAWAN's Concert at Jammin Java in Vienna. He was AWESOME.
I also happened to meet PAK DINO PATTI DJALAL the Ambassador and his family.
Except of being a TRUE Indonesian event (delays for an hour, the famous important people came very late... etc.) the event was very, very cool. I felt like I was at Rumah, surrounded by these Indonesians. Afterwards, again, after planning and re-planning, instead of going to eat TOFU, we went to the movies, watching LIMITLESS and get a very famous CREPE at CHINATOWN. I would say it's a good movie. The crepe was pretty good too.
I took metro and bus and walk home... Was very tired.

Did not get enough of those two tiring days, I went downtown today to VOLUNTEER for THE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL. I happened to work with 3 girls from McLean High School. We pick up trash and recycling and stuff.... Cherry on top : I skyped with a person I always wanted to skype with.

Fiuh. I gotta go to bed. See ya soon!

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