17 March 2011

The Pentagon, Arctic Monkeys, and everything in between


It's been such a long, tiring, GREAT day for me.

Lets see what I've done...

1. A couple minutes ago, I found out that ARCTIC MONKEY is going to have a concert in DC!!!!! Oh my God. It's such a great trade with Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, All Time Low, and Adele that I cannot come to any of them because I DID NOT GET THE TICKET. Arctic Monkeys's will be sold starting on March 31st. So I'm good. (I hope....)

2. I went to the Capitol, watching Dad TESTIFYING. Despite its boringness (which was caused by, mostly, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT, and I texted my Mom like ALL THE TIME), It was INCREDIBLY COOL. Dad testified, and answered questions from some mean representatives, and introduced me to some guys in military uniform. And we took pictures. And people with awesome cameras took our picture. It was just VERY AWESOME. My Dad is, no doubt, the COOLEST DAD in the WHOLE WORLD.

3. After at least a couple hours at the Capitol, Dad and I and his guys drove back to the PENTAGON, where he FINALLY gave me a TOUR that he's been promising me for EVER. There are some pretty cool stuff in the Pentagon besides its pentagon shape : cool paintings, cool displays of branches of Department of Defense, etc. Dad showed me his office, which has A LOT OF MONITORS and a cool bathroom. He introduced me to his guys and ladies in his office. He also introduced me to the NUMBER THREE PERSON IN THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE : MICHELE FLUORNOY : UNITED STATES UNDER SECRETARY OF DEFENSE FOR POLICY. Too bad we did not took pictures. Anyway.... it was just SO COOL. Again guys, my dad is just so awesome. HE IS SO COOL! (Gosh, he'd be really, really happy if he ever read this (apparently, he does not))

4. And then Dad dropped me off at CRYSTAL CITY, where MIRIAM and his unattractive boyfriend Mauricio picked me up. We were going to Miriam's friend's house for MIRIAM'S BIRTHDAY DINNER. It was fun. I talked a lot to people. Miriam's friends are very interesting and very nice. One of them even got a lyme disease, which made me pretty sad. And also, about her boy friend, I really do think that he is unattractive. He might be smart or whatever (At least he looked he is. In fact, Miriam said that he is an architect!). He is also very nice. But still, unattractive. Anyway....

5. I think about A LOT OF THINGS on math class this morning. We looked over our test that we took yesterday, and I realized that I made a lot of mistakes, despite the fact that Kris joked after the test that she would use my test as an ANSWER KEY (see my older post).... and then I felt like I PROBABLY don't REALLY understand math. I probably just MECHANICALLY do what my teacher told me. I even considered to not taking Mathematics major in college. And then when I walked out the class, Kris stopped me and said, "You did a really nice job on your test." Me : "Really? I think I made a lot of mistakes." Kris : "You did make some mistakes. But you did a nice job. want to encourage you. I'm satisfied." It was around 10:20 in the morning and I know it's too early to make my day, but it did.

6. Spanish class has been so BORING and PAINFUL in the last couple of weeks. I haven't done ANY of the homework and it's just very painful.

7. And so does COLLEGE ESSAY WRITING CLASS. It's been very painful to me. I just CAN'T WRITE. Uh, God....

8. Cherry on top : Dad, for the very first time, called me "SWEETHEART" this afternoon. A term which I found he only uses to my younger sister Adrienne, and then to my older sister Allison when she got back from college, and then to Zoe after Allison's short stay at home -- but not me until this afternoon. He said, "See you later, SWEETHEART." He'd never know how HAPPY I was (Well, unless he's reading this post, of course)

Fuh. It's so great. Well, tomorrow's game plan:

1. Come to "Crooked" (a play at my school) crew first meeting

2. Skype my sister tomorrow morning


4. Finishing the first draft of a couple of my essays for my college essay writing class (this is very sh*tty)

5. Swimming!

And that's pretty much it.

Uh.. I probably need to go to bed, although I'm not sure I'm going to be able to or not (STILL VERY EXCITED ABOUT ARCTIC MONKEYS!) So yeah, God is unbelievably REALLY GOOD to me. Thank You, God.

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