21 March 2011

Monday morning



O well. I did a lot of things this weekend, so... Let's see....

1. I went to a WIZARDS GAME yesterday. Yup. I know they're sucks, I know the last time I went it was NO FUN AT ALL. But I did because this time we have AFS Students from Baltimore joining us. So it was, me, Dee, Icha, Handy, Luisa from Germany, Mike from Turkmenistan, A boy from Thailand, and Samira from Ghana.


The Wizards UNBELIEVABLY won the game! And because they were winning for the most of the second half, everyone was cheering, and guess what, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! Also, Handy, Dee, and I were CHANGING OUR SEAT. So we bought tickets for the TOP MOST seats, which from there we unexpectedly ABLE to see the game (I'm being serious), and on the second half we moved to the lower seats. It was not until 10 minutes letter, an evil-looking woman came and get us. Hahahaha.

And I started having a crush with YI JIANLIAN, the Chinese player. I think it's the same thing as I have a crush on YAO MING, which is the ONLY chinese in Houston Rockets, and PARK JI SUNG, who is the only KOREAN in Manchester United.


We want to a Chinese restaurant afterwards. I got a kungpao chicken. It was over priced for 10 bucks, but it was okay.

2. And then after the meal, we separated because the Baltimore kids wanted to go to the Mall. Dee and I went to ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL. And watched a movie titled, "CLIMATE OF CHANGE" it was interesting. Mr.Macgregor was there too. And then they took me home all the way to Arlington, which was very nice of them.

3. On Saturday, Yannick and I went to Miriam's place! We cooked and ate Miriam's birthday chocolate cake. It was AMAZING!

4. Oh. And we cooked for the next big thing afterwards, AFS HOST FAMILY APPRECIATION DINNER! So each student has to cook a dish, preferably a dish from their country. I happened to make PANCONG which was a very easy coconut cake. Yannick made Bratwurst, which smelled REALLY GOOD but cannot be eaten by me because they're PORK. Gaah.

5. And them the dinner itself was so much fun. Dad wore the BATIK I gave him for Christmas. Zoe and Adrienne came too. And of course Mom too. Highlight : I PLAYED STAR SPANGLED BANNER ON GUITAR ON THE TALENT SHOW. Hahahaha. I cannot even believe by now. I'm glad it turned out fine. Everyone was standing up, singing very, very weakly. I missed a fatal note and a not-very fatal note. "IT WAS JUST A STINKIN' NOTE!" my mom said. I got out of stage and Chana hugged me and said it was very touching and thanked me for doing that. Dad hugged me and said it was great. He said it took him 30  seconds to realize that it was the national anthem and he has to stand up because I practice this song all the time at home. And HE KISSED MY FOREHEAD for the VERY FIRST TIME! :) and mom hugged me too. Miriam too. It was just a good night.

Note : So I LIED to my mom a day before this. I told her that Miriam's boyfriend MAURICIO is an awesome guitar player and he's going to teach me some stuff when I came over her house, so I need to bring the guitar.... But OF COURSE HE DID NOT. I said that to cover my performance. Hahaha.

6. I was at home on Friday. I slept all afternoon and missed the Jamestown Elementary School play, in which ADRIENNE being a stage crew. "I thought you're gonna be grumpy if I woke you up," my mom said. And I skipped frisbee practice too, despite of a VERY GOOD DAY. It was on the seventies, very warm and not windy. Sun shined beautifully. So, yeah, it was all because I slept for only FOUR HOURS the night before.

So yeah... That's probably it. I gotta run. It's 7:09 -- need to get ready to go to school. Ciao! :)

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