15 March 2011

Lack of sleep nights

It is 12:06 right now and I am not willing to get off the couch and go to bed in the near future.

I have not got any good sleep in the last couple of days but 3-4 hours every night.

It was all started last Friday, when 2 visiting Indonesian YES Students from Alaska and Texas, Ella and Risni, Mr. Macgregor, Dee, and I had a major Washington D.C. sightseeing for literally nine hours. I swear we walked at least 5 kilometers that day.

Like it was not tiring enough, the next day we went to a prom dress give away in Reston, Virginia (which was, unexpectedly, very amusing. It was not crowded at all and all the volunteers were very nice and helpful.) and to Great Falls.

Consequently, I spent all Satruday afternoon SLEEPING and WIDE AWAKE THE WHOLE NIGHT.

I can not really sleep until like 5.

Additionally, It was the very same time as the Day Light Saving ends, which means, It was not really 5, it's actually 4.

So, yeah. I chose a really bad day to stay up all night.

More cool things happened last week:

- I finally went to CostCo! Wahoo! After weeks of waiting, Mom finally took me to Costco, and yes, I would have to admit, it was HELL. Now I can see why Mom does not want to go there even once a month, despite its bargain prices.

- I threw frisbee with Dad and Zoe on nice Sunday afternoon... It was the first time we played frisbee since Bethany Beach. It was a really, really nice, warm afternoon.

- A bit out dated, but still fun to share, of course. I went to VOA Headquarters with a few other AFS Students last Monday. We did interviews with language services from our own countries. Dee and I were interviewed for a radio program by the Indonesian Service. Mine was aired last Friday by Prambors Radio Jakarta. They sent me a copy of it. It was HORRIBLE. But, still, it's very cool to be on the radio. Soon, we also supposed to have our profile featured on VOA's TV Program for a short 2 minutes. The other cool thing is I met VENA ANISA!!!! She used to be a radio host whose morning program my siblings and I used to listen to every single morning. Finally, that visit to VOA Indonesian Service office was a lot of fun. It was like being in my native land for a couple hours.

Oh well. That's probably it. I have a Calculus test tomorrow and a Spanish vocab quiz, and neither of them I've been studying for so very hard. Also, I got an Essay due Wednesday for my College Essay writing class. And, I am supposed to read a whole bunch of stuff for my history class which supposed to start in approximately 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Uh. I really need to go to bed.

A few last thing:

- I read A LOT of Sports Illustrated articles this evening, I did not know they are VERY interesting in a lot of way. It's probably because the last time I tried to read SI articles was like 6 months ago when I understand NONE of them and judged that they are NASTY readings, which in fact, of course, they are not. Results : I subscribed to SI in my Google Reader.

- I REALLY DO MISS BASKETBALL SEASON! Uh, I really hope they still open the registration for the Friday Night Basketball thing and they have girls team *finger crossed*

- My liaison Miriam can not be reached in ANY way I could ever think of. I know she's busy -- she works at the Pentagon. I hope she's okay, and will be able to help me to cook for the AFS Host Family Appreciation Potluck Dinner on Saturday.

- I need suggestion for filling in my NCAA Tournament brackets. So my family does it every year as a tradition. Everyone fills in and the one who got the best guess got a prize from our parents (We happened to have all this conversation about Muslims do not bet). I have asked some of Indonesia's major basketball enthusiasts : @mainbasket , @pandji , @MarioWuysang , and @Kelly_Purwanto but none of them has responded, yet. Well, I hope they respond soon, otherwise I will fill my brackets based on random prediction I found on the internet, since the brackets has to be finished by tomorrow evening.

Okay, I really need to go to bed. It's been a very long, boring post and my head starts hurting and my eyes starts showing their desire to shut for at least a good few hours. And, I have Ultimate Frisbee practice tomorrow, which tomorrow will be held outdoor for the first time since fall.

I promise this is REALLY going to be the very last thing. This is one of my favorite quotes I read this evening (which is also my most recent facebook status):

Dear Icebergs, Sorry to hear about global warming. Karma is a bitch. Sincerely, Titanic.
(retweeted by @str8edgeracer)

Hahahah! Ciao! (finished at 12:56 am)

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