16 March 2011

A Journal, really

Bah. It's 11:27 PM right now. Another late night post.

What's up:

1. Miriam called! Thank God! After almost a month without hearing anything from her I was so glad she called me this evening -- a few hours after I told my mom that I was worried something's bad happened to her. Thank God she's fine and was just practically busy. In fact, tomorrow is her birthday and she wants me to come to her birthday dinner. Very nice. Now I am thinking what I should bring her.

2. Zoe and I, for some unknown reasons tried on A LOT of dresses. Zoe's conclusion : I need a new bra. Uhkay, Zo.

3. You would not even believe this: THERE IS AN INDONESIAN HILT STUDENT IN H-B! *pant pant* So HILT is High Intensity Language Training and H-B does have a number of HILT Students, whose classes and lives in general are very different from regular H-B Students. Most of them are immigrants and can not speak English. So, yeah, anyway. I accidentally found him in the computer lab when I was doing my work and he was looking for Indonesian flags image at Google. This 19 year old Indonesian is named Joko. He is from Semarang. We talked a lot about a lot of things, mostly in Indonesian, since he can barely speak and understand English. I still do not understand why no one happened to connect us earlier.

4. First outdoor frisbee practice! It was NASTY. Very cold, I can not feel my hand most of the time.

5. Dad will be testifying at the Capitol Hill tomorrow and I am going to watch him and gave him emotional support. This should be very, very, awesome. By the way, I will be skipping GOVERNMENT class to go to this thing. My mom said, "How could Casey (my gov't teacher) said no?" Oh true, Mom.

6. I am just finishing my cover letter + resume + writing sample for Internship in VOA. Uh. *Finger crossed*

7. Big calculus test this morning went pretty well, unexpectedly. Kris even joked that she would use my test for the answer key. -__-

8. March Madness is officially started and one of my predictions is correct! Wahoo! I got very very excited about this tournament. Now I can see why people get so attached to this tournament : people bet at offices, the post had a huge section for this, etc., mostly because of this prediction. Yup. Since you predicted, for whatever reason, you have a side to pick in every single game. That's why you'll get very excited. Oh well. At least it is for me. This brackets-fill-in thing is definitely going to be one of a few things that I am planning to do for the rest of my life.

I am kinda tired. I have a long day tomorrow. And I still have an essay to polish, which I think I will do tomorrow.

Hasta luego!

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