18 March 2011

Dog Poop Scooping


Time for late night writing! Hahaha! Let's see what I've got here...

- It's ST. PATRICK'S DAY! everyone at HB wear some weird GREEN thing today. A couple of kids walking around HB playing this irish musical instrument. Very interesting.

- "Crooked" casts and crews meeting was postponed to tomorrow

- there was BAKE SALE! Yeah! It's been a while since the last time there was a bake sale at HB (by a while, I mean like a couple of weeks). I got myself a couple of chocolate peanut buttery thing (which the seller said something about OHIO or IOWA about that thing. I should probably google it.) and a mini cupcake.

- I went to TOWN MEETING -- It's been also a while since the last time I did so. Nothing's really substantial been talked about -- mostly discussion about green-ing HB's front yard. Highlight : It's BEN BRENNAN's BIRTHDAY! he is regularly being in charge for Town Meeting and someone brought DONUTS for everyone during Town Meeting. So it was not even 10 in the morning, and I have consumed A LOT of SUGAR. Good that I got plain corn flakes for breakfast.

- None of my classes are very interesting today. I read quite a lot in history class, which is good. We did some exercises in Physics -- was okay. Mark is always a wonderful teacher. I polished my essay for College Essay writing class during free blocks. And also talked to Yannick about a lot of stuff (Including host family appreciation dinner!). And also read my reading assignment for government. My college essay writing class was painful, as usual, despite we spent a lot of time talking about other things instead of writing. We did a reading quiz in Gov't, which I sorta able to do, which is good.

- TODAY'S WEATHER WAS VERY AWESOME! It's warm, crispy, sunny, very very nice... I took sports bus and to Yorktown and walked home. Took me about 15 minutes but it was a very nice walk.

- Another thing I have not done for a while (due to lack of availability) is WALKING THE DOGS! Yup. I did Bear and Venus today. About 10 minutes walk each. The weather is so nice that I did not want to get inside! A bit terrified by yesterday's Bear running away from Zoe while walking, I am thanking God that everything worked well this afternoon. Venus actually did something NASTY to me. So I walked out the door without any PLASTIC BAG for poop (okay, so this is not COMPLETELY her fault :p) but I had these PLASTIC GLOVES with me, so I thought I'm gonna be okay. And I did. She pooped, and I managed to make the gloves being a bag. Until a few meters after that, SHE POOPED AGAIN. I was literally swear, "S**T!! Oh S**t.... Oh Venus... You're such a s**tty dog...." (Okay, from my knowledge, the S word has a similar meaning as poop (please do correct me if im wrong) so since she pooped so much, that S word wouldn't be very wrong. Anyway.....) And so what I did was SCOOPING her second poop, which is kinda soft and warm (Euh. For the record, she just got bad diarrhea last week. Uh.) using WOOD I found on the sidewalk to the plastic glove/bag. I am such a failure. I told the whole story to mom and she said, "Well, I would always go back if I forgot plastic bag." That's the moral of the story guys.

- Oh. I almost forgot about this. I skype my family in Jakarta this morning. They sounded great, except my sister got cold. We talked about a lot of things, which made me feel very scared. I do not want to go home. I am not ready. I am not good enough. I am very, very scared to go home.

- Which leads me to at least 30 minutes of crying session after school in my room, despite all the good things Ive mentioned before. I am really scared. This really is a time I need nothing but a hug and someone who told me that whatever happened to me, whether I can get into college or not, they will always love me. But of course I did not get one. First of all, I am not sure there's anyone like that. Second of all, I didn't ask for it. Very simple. I didn't ask, I didn't get it. No rocket science.

- I really want to spend more time with my mom and dad. But of course I could not, they got 5 kids and do not need a whiny 18 year old weirdo.

Oh. Sounds like an awful end, huh? Well, a few more good things.

- March Madness is getting REALLY maddening! (I totally make that last word up) I talked a lot to even Luke and Colin about March Madness. People at school talk about it too. We filled in brackets and put it on Kelli's wall. I will soon try to put my brackets up here.

- I could possibly play basketball again! *finger crossed* I could probably play for a house team, which only play on friday nights.

- Zoe and I skyped a lot this afternoon, eventhough we were only a few feet apart. We talked about a lot of stuff and made up a new lango : WTV, which is WHAT THE VENUS! Hahaha!

Okay! That's it! It's 3 minutes before mid night and I REALLY need to go to bed.


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