30 March 2011

College Visit Episode 1 : Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Good things :
1.  2 incredible things happened in the first 10 minutes of my visit in GU :
        1. I saw an INDONESIAN looking guy, talking in INDONESIAN in front of the campus library.
        2. I saw a young woman CLEANING HERSELF before praying (she was obviously a muslim)
I just had a very good feeling about this school since.

2. The campus is very pretty.

3. I, finally, ACTUALLY do this college visit thing.

4. I talked to a guy about international application and that pretty much ENCOURAGED me to ACTUALLY apply to GU next year.

5. I walked from GU to Rosslyn Metro Station. Very, very nice view from the key bridge.

6. I ended up not doing frisbee (Yay! It was too cold outside!) and went to the library.

Bad things:
1. I was so tired.

2. I was sad for some part of the visit. 2 substantial reasons :
- I felt lonely. Everyone but me was with either their mom or their dad or both. I was all alone. And I   realized that I really am all alone. I dont have my family with me in the U.S.
- I'm not gonna be able to pay for this school = My chance to go to this school is very,very small.

More good stuff afterwards:
1. Mom picked me up at the library.
2. I talked to Mom about my sadness. And she made me feel better. And she was glad I told her about my feelings.
3. Mom hugged me.
4. I found a note on my suitcase that I took out from the closet saying, "Put me away! I like my closet!"

And I obviously can not list ALL the good things. There TOO MANY of it. God is so good.

See ya.

ps. episode 2 : American University, Washington, D.C. supposed to be this SATURDAY. (4/4/11) stay tuned!

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