31 March 2011

1. I know nothing about it.
2. They don't want to hear anything from me
3. They don't give a shit about me
4. I am not going be here next year anyway
5. I am no one here

So chill, Nisa.

30 March 2011

College Visit Episode 1 : Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Good things :
1.  2 incredible things happened in the first 10 minutes of my visit in GU :
        1. I saw an INDONESIAN looking guy, talking in INDONESIAN in front of the campus library.
        2. I saw a young woman CLEANING HERSELF before praying (she was obviously a muslim)
I just had a very good feeling about this school since.

2. The campus is very pretty.

3. I, finally, ACTUALLY do this college visit thing.

4. I talked to a guy about international application and that pretty much ENCOURAGED me to ACTUALLY apply to GU next year.

5. I walked from GU to Rosslyn Metro Station. Very, very nice view from the key bridge.

6. I ended up not doing frisbee (Yay! It was too cold outside!) and went to the library.

Bad things:
1. I was so tired.

2. I was sad for some part of the visit. 2 substantial reasons :
- I felt lonely. Everyone but me was with either their mom or their dad or both. I was all alone. And I   realized that I really am all alone. I dont have my family with me in the U.S.
- I'm not gonna be able to pay for this school = My chance to go to this school is very,very small.

More good stuff afterwards:
1. Mom picked me up at the library.
2. I talked to Mom about my sadness. And she made me feel better. And she was glad I told her about my feelings.
3. Mom hugged me.
4. I found a note on my suitcase that I took out from the closet saying, "Put me away! I like my closet!"

And I obviously can not list ALL the good things. There TOO MANY of it. God is so good.

See ya.

ps. episode 2 : American University, Washington, D.C. supposed to be this SATURDAY. (4/4/11) stay tuned!

Pendaftaran Program Pertukaran Pelajar AFS/YES/Jenesys 2012-2013

Kamu mau mendengar dunia dan didengar oleh dunia? Kalau kamu mau dan berani, ini untuk kamu.

14 Maret-17 April 2011 Bina Antarbudaya Chapter Jakarta membuka pendaftaran seleksi program pertukaran pelajar untuk tinggal selama 11 bulan di Amerika Serikat, Belgia, Belanda, Italia, Jepang, Jerman, Norwegia, Prancis, Swiss bagi siswa kelas 1 SMA/sederajat. Pendaftaran dibuka bagi kamu yang:
  1. Warga Negara Indonesia
  2. Sehat Jasmani dan Rohani
  3. Siswa kelas 1 SMA / Sederajat  (saat pendaftaran pada bulan April 2011 )
  4. Aktif berkegiatan.
  5. Mengikuti dan lulus proses seleksi bertahap yang diadakan oleh Bina Antarbudaya.
  6. Mendapat izin dari orangtua dan sekolah
Tahun ini, formulir pendaftaran hanya tersedia secara online mulai tanggal 14 Maret - 17 April. Berikut adalah langkah-langkah untuk mendaftar sebagai proses seleksi:
  1. Formulir Pendaftaran
  2.  Surat keterangan akselerasi (hanya untuk siswa akselerasi SMA)  
  3.  Panduan Pengisian Formulir  
  4. Video Panduan Pengisian Formulir
  • Isilah formulir pendaftaran dengan mengacu kepada Dokumen dan Video Panduan Pengisian Formulir. Kamu juga bisa melihat contoh formulir yang telah diisi.
  • Lengkapi formulir pendaftaran serta siapkan kelengkapan dokumen yang dibutuhkan.
  • Serahkan 2 (dua) rangkap formulir yang telah diisi dan ditandatangani ke Sekretariat Chapter Jakarta. Tanda tangan yang tercantum harus asli (tidak boleh fotocopy) dan diserahkan dalam dua buah map biru Diamond.
  • Sebelum mengembalikan formulir, pastikan kamu telah memenuhi checklist yang terdapat di halaman terakhir formulir pendaftaran. Periksa kembali formulir dan dokumen yang dibutuhkan.  Jumlah dokumen yang diperlukan hanya seperti yang tercantum, tidak perlu dirangkap dua.
  • Mohon pastikan agar hasil cetakan/ print-out terbaca dengan jelas. Tulisan tangan harus rapi dan bisa dibaca.Formulir dikembalikan oleh siswa yang bersangkutantidak boleh diwakilkan) dengan membayar biaya pendaftaran Rp. 40.000,- di Jl. Limau No.22, Gandaria, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12130, pada: (
Sabtu dan Minggu tanggal 19, 20, 26, 27 Maret, 2, 3, 9, 10, 16 dan 17 April
Pk. 10.00 - 16.00 (Pengembalian juga dibuka di SMAN 2 Tangerang Selatan, pada hari-hari yang akan diinformasikan selanjutnya)
  • Kamu baru resmi terdaftar sebagai peserta seleksi pendaftaran jika kamu sudah mengembalikan formulir dan mendapat Kartu Tanda Peserta Seleksi. Jadi jangan lupa mengembalikan formulirnya ya . 
  • Hari terakhir pengembalian formulir adalah tanggal 17 April.

Kalau di sekolah kamu ada kakak-kakak returnee program AFS/YES/ Jenesys, kamu bisa menanyakan langsung perihal program ini kepada mereka. Namun jika sekolah kamu ingin didatangi untuk mendapatkan presentasi mengenai kegiatan program/ pendaftaran seleksi ini, kamu bisa meninggalkan komentar di situs ini atau menghubungi Kak Wendy di 081310107638.

Jika kamu bingung, kamu bisa bertanya ke Kak Abimantrana (08159659532), Kak Wendy (081310107638), dan Kak Ayumi (08159356663). Jangan SMS ya, menelepon saja agar penjelasannya bisa lebih menyeluruh. Mohon juga untuk menelepon pada jam kerja, ya.  Kak Wendy dan Kak Abi telah bersedia menyediakan waktu mereka di sela kegiatan perkuliahan dan pekerjaan mereka antara Pk. 09.00 - 19.00 (9 pagi - 7 malam)

28 March 2011

Weekend Madness

What's true :

I have NOTHING left on my MARCH MADNESS brackets. Dammit. The good thing is, VCU is going to the final four. VCU is from Virginia, so I'm gonna cheer for it! wahoo!

Spring break is in 20 days!

I have a load of work to do, Dammit.

I am currently reading "Play Their Hearts Out" by George Dohrmann. It's about grass roots basketball business. Next on the reading list : The Brain Book.

I still can not get "See the World" out of my head.

I had a very busy weekend:

1. Friday : School's highlight: Got 3 tests in a day! Doing pretty okay on Gov't test and Physics test... And I do not know what's gonna happen to my Spanish vocab quiz. I got frisbee practice after school. It was FREEZING cold. So I left 30 mins early. I went to Ballston to take care of my 'dead' phone, which turned out to be only needed to be refilled. I ate a huge bag of chips for dinner. I read my book. I went back to school to go to "Boy Gets Girl" a play. It was AMAZING. My dad picked me up afterwards... I was extremely tired.

Saturday :
Mom came to my room in the morning, asked how was my day and stuff (which made me very happy) and after lots of planning and re-planning, instead of volunteering for the CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL (which resceduled to the next day) and going to LASER TAG with my basketball team, Mbak Vici of VOA and I ended up going to BALAWAN's Concert at Jammin Java in Vienna. He was AWESOME.
I also happened to meet PAK DINO PATTI DJALAL the Ambassador and his family.
Except of being a TRUE Indonesian event (delays for an hour, the famous important people came very late... etc.) the event was very, very cool. I felt like I was at Rumah, surrounded by these Indonesians. Afterwards, again, after planning and re-planning, instead of going to eat TOFU, we went to the movies, watching LIMITLESS and get a very famous CREPE at CHINATOWN. I would say it's a good movie. The crepe was pretty good too.
I took metro and bus and walk home... Was very tired.

Did not get enough of those two tiring days, I went downtown today to VOLUNTEER for THE CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL. I happened to work with 3 girls from McLean High School. We pick up trash and recycling and stuff.... Cherry on top : I skyped with a person I always wanted to skype with.

Fiuh. I gotta go to bed. See ya soon!

26 March 2011


My mom said something true this morning

Adri : "Nisa, you don't want more dresses?"
Nisa : "No."
Mom : "Yes, she does!! She just shy!"

Well, *that's* partly true.

Have a great weekend, Monsters.

23 March 2011

Accomplishments, weatherwise

Accomplishment #1:
I walked to the library wearing nothing but a t-shirt on top.

Accomplishment #2:
I have been applying lotion to my hand regularly in past week.


Now let me tell you what happened:

1. GANA ADI IS GOING TO DC! Yes, my partner Gana Adi Samertya is going to visit Washington DC and STAY IN MY HOUSE! Kaboom.... It's going to happen in June. So, just wait and see :)

2. Some words from Dave Soles that he said during ultimate practice today that makes me happy:
- ".... because she's a trained basketball player!"
Oh well. Okay Dave.

3. The card I sent to my mom and dad and basically the whole family arrived today. I guess dad has not read it.

4. I talked to Dad right  after he got home on Monday, which is kinda unusual. It happened because Mom was not at home and I called him when I heard he entered the door. He aware that I was doing SAT and he said I can just put the black computer in my room if I want to.

5. Going to make my popnotes video for VOA tomorrow...Wish me luck! :)

I think that's all I know....

Anyway, I feel really bad to turn this blog into a shitty emotional journal like this. I'll try to figure out the best way to deal with it. Love ya all :)

22 March 2011

See The World

Day to day
Where do you want to be?
cos now you're trying to pick a fight
With everyone you need

You seem like a soldier
Who's lost his composure
You're wounded and playing a waiting game
In no-man's land no-one's to blame

See the world
Find an old fashioned girl
And when all's been said and done
It's the things that are given, not won
Are the things that you want

Empty handed, surrounded by a senseless scene
With nothing of significance
Besides a shadow of a dream
You sound like an old joke

You're worn-out, a bit broke
An' askin me time and time again
When the answer's still the same

See the world
Find an old fashioned girl
And when all's been said and done
It's the things that are given, not won
Are the things that you want

You've got a chance to put things right
So how's it going to be?
Lay down your arms now
And put us beyond doubt
So reach out it's not too far away
Don't mess around now, don't delay

See the world
Find an old fashioned girl
And when all's been said and done
It's the things that are given, not won
Are the things that you want

The things that you want
Are given not won
The things that you want
Are given not won

See The World  
by Gomez

This song has stuck in my head for the last few days.....  

Speak English

At some point of my life, I have to admit, I had talked to myself. Not only in front of the mirror, but also while playing basketball, while walking. I just wanted to bable. What's interesting is, I used to do it, well, at least some of it, in English. I just wanted to bable in English because despite of English courses I'd taken for years even at that point, I barely had a chance to speak English.

So my point is, it's really nice to be able to actually speak English now, after that years of expensive English courses.

21 March 2011

Monday morning



O well. I did a lot of things this weekend, so... Let's see....

1. I went to a WIZARDS GAME yesterday. Yup. I know they're sucks, I know the last time I went it was NO FUN AT ALL. But I did because this time we have AFS Students from Baltimore joining us. So it was, me, Dee, Icha, Handy, Luisa from Germany, Mike from Turkmenistan, A boy from Thailand, and Samira from Ghana.


The Wizards UNBELIEVABLY won the game! And because they were winning for the most of the second half, everyone was cheering, and guess what, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! Also, Handy, Dee, and I were CHANGING OUR SEAT. So we bought tickets for the TOP MOST seats, which from there we unexpectedly ABLE to see the game (I'm being serious), and on the second half we moved to the lower seats. It was not until 10 minutes letter, an evil-looking woman came and get us. Hahahaha.

And I started having a crush with YI JIANLIAN, the Chinese player. I think it's the same thing as I have a crush on YAO MING, which is the ONLY chinese in Houston Rockets, and PARK JI SUNG, who is the only KOREAN in Manchester United.


We want to a Chinese restaurant afterwards. I got a kungpao chicken. It was over priced for 10 bucks, but it was okay.

2. And then after the meal, we separated because the Baltimore kids wanted to go to the Mall. Dee and I went to ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL. And watched a movie titled, "CLIMATE OF CHANGE" it was interesting. Mr.Macgregor was there too. And then they took me home all the way to Arlington, which was very nice of them.

3. On Saturday, Yannick and I went to Miriam's place! We cooked and ate Miriam's birthday chocolate cake. It was AMAZING!

4. Oh. And we cooked for the next big thing afterwards, AFS HOST FAMILY APPRECIATION DINNER! So each student has to cook a dish, preferably a dish from their country. I happened to make PANCONG which was a very easy coconut cake. Yannick made Bratwurst, which smelled REALLY GOOD but cannot be eaten by me because they're PORK. Gaah.

5. And them the dinner itself was so much fun. Dad wore the BATIK I gave him for Christmas. Zoe and Adrienne came too. And of course Mom too. Highlight : I PLAYED STAR SPANGLED BANNER ON GUITAR ON THE TALENT SHOW. Hahahaha. I cannot even believe by now. I'm glad it turned out fine. Everyone was standing up, singing very, very weakly. I missed a fatal note and a not-very fatal note. "IT WAS JUST A STINKIN' NOTE!" my mom said. I got out of stage and Chana hugged me and said it was very touching and thanked me for doing that. Dad hugged me and said it was great. He said it took him 30  seconds to realize that it was the national anthem and he has to stand up because I practice this song all the time at home. And HE KISSED MY FOREHEAD for the VERY FIRST TIME! :) and mom hugged me too. Miriam too. It was just a good night.

Note : So I LIED to my mom a day before this. I told her that Miriam's boyfriend MAURICIO is an awesome guitar player and he's going to teach me some stuff when I came over her house, so I need to bring the guitar.... But OF COURSE HE DID NOT. I said that to cover my performance. Hahaha.

6. I was at home on Friday. I slept all afternoon and missed the Jamestown Elementary School play, in which ADRIENNE being a stage crew. "I thought you're gonna be grumpy if I woke you up," my mom said. And I skipped frisbee practice too, despite of a VERY GOOD DAY. It was on the seventies, very warm and not windy. Sun shined beautifully. So, yeah, it was all because I slept for only FOUR HOURS the night before.

So yeah... That's probably it. I gotta run. It's 7:09 -- need to get ready to go to school. Ciao! :)

18 March 2011

Dog Poop Scooping


Time for late night writing! Hahaha! Let's see what I've got here...

- It's ST. PATRICK'S DAY! everyone at HB wear some weird GREEN thing today. A couple of kids walking around HB playing this irish musical instrument. Very interesting.

- "Crooked" casts and crews meeting was postponed to tomorrow

- there was BAKE SALE! Yeah! It's been a while since the last time there was a bake sale at HB (by a while, I mean like a couple of weeks). I got myself a couple of chocolate peanut buttery thing (which the seller said something about OHIO or IOWA about that thing. I should probably google it.) and a mini cupcake.

- I went to TOWN MEETING -- It's been also a while since the last time I did so. Nothing's really substantial been talked about -- mostly discussion about green-ing HB's front yard. Highlight : It's BEN BRENNAN's BIRTHDAY! he is regularly being in charge for Town Meeting and someone brought DONUTS for everyone during Town Meeting. So it was not even 10 in the morning, and I have consumed A LOT of SUGAR. Good that I got plain corn flakes for breakfast.

- None of my classes are very interesting today. I read quite a lot in history class, which is good. We did some exercises in Physics -- was okay. Mark is always a wonderful teacher. I polished my essay for College Essay writing class during free blocks. And also talked to Yannick about a lot of stuff (Including host family appreciation dinner!). And also read my reading assignment for government. My college essay writing class was painful, as usual, despite we spent a lot of time talking about other things instead of writing. We did a reading quiz in Gov't, which I sorta able to do, which is good.

- TODAY'S WEATHER WAS VERY AWESOME! It's warm, crispy, sunny, very very nice... I took sports bus and to Yorktown and walked home. Took me about 15 minutes but it was a very nice walk.

- Another thing I have not done for a while (due to lack of availability) is WALKING THE DOGS! Yup. I did Bear and Venus today. About 10 minutes walk each. The weather is so nice that I did not want to get inside! A bit terrified by yesterday's Bear running away from Zoe while walking, I am thanking God that everything worked well this afternoon. Venus actually did something NASTY to me. So I walked out the door without any PLASTIC BAG for poop (okay, so this is not COMPLETELY her fault :p) but I had these PLASTIC GLOVES with me, so I thought I'm gonna be okay. And I did. She pooped, and I managed to make the gloves being a bag. Until a few meters after that, SHE POOPED AGAIN. I was literally swear, "S**T!! Oh S**t.... Oh Venus... You're such a s**tty dog...." (Okay, from my knowledge, the S word has a similar meaning as poop (please do correct me if im wrong) so since she pooped so much, that S word wouldn't be very wrong. Anyway.....) And so what I did was SCOOPING her second poop, which is kinda soft and warm (Euh. For the record, she just got bad diarrhea last week. Uh.) using WOOD I found on the sidewalk to the plastic glove/bag. I am such a failure. I told the whole story to mom and she said, "Well, I would always go back if I forgot plastic bag." That's the moral of the story guys.

- Oh. I almost forgot about this. I skype my family in Jakarta this morning. They sounded great, except my sister got cold. We talked about a lot of things, which made me feel very scared. I do not want to go home. I am not ready. I am not good enough. I am very, very scared to go home.

- Which leads me to at least 30 minutes of crying session after school in my room, despite all the good things Ive mentioned before. I am really scared. This really is a time I need nothing but a hug and someone who told me that whatever happened to me, whether I can get into college or not, they will always love me. But of course I did not get one. First of all, I am not sure there's anyone like that. Second of all, I didn't ask for it. Very simple. I didn't ask, I didn't get it. No rocket science.

- I really want to spend more time with my mom and dad. But of course I could not, they got 5 kids and do not need a whiny 18 year old weirdo.

Oh. Sounds like an awful end, huh? Well, a few more good things.

- March Madness is getting REALLY maddening! (I totally make that last word up) I talked a lot to even Luke and Colin about March Madness. People at school talk about it too. We filled in brackets and put it on Kelli's wall. I will soon try to put my brackets up here.

- I could possibly play basketball again! *finger crossed* I could probably play for a house team, which only play on friday nights.

- Zoe and I skyped a lot this afternoon, eventhough we were only a few feet apart. We talked about a lot of stuff and made up a new lango : WTV, which is WHAT THE VENUS! Hahaha!

Okay! That's it! It's 3 minutes before mid night and I REALLY need to go to bed.


17 March 2011

Whining letters


I am now in college essay writing class and it is boring like hell. I can not write and I do not want to write and it is still five minutes before the class ends. I WANNA GET OUTTTA HERE. But, really, mostly, I really like this class because I would say writing is my least skilled English skill.

And I have not pray and I do not know where I can pray and it’s killing me!

And there’s something smells REALLY good. I do not know what but it’s DISTRACTING me.

And I do not know what’s gonna happen to tonight’s Miriam’s birthday dinner since she has not send me ANY details about it.

And I don’t wanna go home.

And I love my mom.

Stephanie, can you please let us out?

Oh, yes, she lets us out. Thank Lord.


The Pentagon, Arctic Monkeys, and everything in between


It's been such a long, tiring, GREAT day for me.

Lets see what I've done...

1. A couple minutes ago, I found out that ARCTIC MONKEY is going to have a concert in DC!!!!! Oh my God. It's such a great trade with Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, All Time Low, and Adele that I cannot come to any of them because I DID NOT GET THE TICKET. Arctic Monkeys's will be sold starting on March 31st. So I'm good. (I hope....)

2. I went to the Capitol, watching Dad TESTIFYING. Despite its boringness (which was caused by, mostly, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT, and I texted my Mom like ALL THE TIME), It was INCREDIBLY COOL. Dad testified, and answered questions from some mean representatives, and introduced me to some guys in military uniform. And we took pictures. And people with awesome cameras took our picture. It was just VERY AWESOME. My Dad is, no doubt, the COOLEST DAD in the WHOLE WORLD.

3. After at least a couple hours at the Capitol, Dad and I and his guys drove back to the PENTAGON, where he FINALLY gave me a TOUR that he's been promising me for EVER. There are some pretty cool stuff in the Pentagon besides its pentagon shape : cool paintings, cool displays of branches of Department of Defense, etc. Dad showed me his office, which has A LOT OF MONITORS and a cool bathroom. He introduced me to his guys and ladies in his office. He also introduced me to the NUMBER THREE PERSON IN THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE : MICHELE FLUORNOY : UNITED STATES UNDER SECRETARY OF DEFENSE FOR POLICY. Too bad we did not took pictures. Anyway.... it was just SO COOL. Again guys, my dad is just so awesome. HE IS SO COOL! (Gosh, he'd be really, really happy if he ever read this (apparently, he does not))

4. And then Dad dropped me off at CRYSTAL CITY, where MIRIAM and his unattractive boyfriend Mauricio picked me up. We were going to Miriam's friend's house for MIRIAM'S BIRTHDAY DINNER. It was fun. I talked a lot to people. Miriam's friends are very interesting and very nice. One of them even got a lyme disease, which made me pretty sad. And also, about her boy friend, I really do think that he is unattractive. He might be smart or whatever (At least he looked he is. In fact, Miriam said that he is an architect!). He is also very nice. But still, unattractive. Anyway....

5. I think about A LOT OF THINGS on math class this morning. We looked over our test that we took yesterday, and I realized that I made a lot of mistakes, despite the fact that Kris joked after the test that she would use my test as an ANSWER KEY (see my older post).... and then I felt like I PROBABLY don't REALLY understand math. I probably just MECHANICALLY do what my teacher told me. I even considered to not taking Mathematics major in college. And then when I walked out the class, Kris stopped me and said, "You did a really nice job on your test." Me : "Really? I think I made a lot of mistakes." Kris : "You did make some mistakes. But you did a nice job. want to encourage you. I'm satisfied." It was around 10:20 in the morning and I know it's too early to make my day, but it did.

6. Spanish class has been so BORING and PAINFUL in the last couple of weeks. I haven't done ANY of the homework and it's just very painful.

7. And so does COLLEGE ESSAY WRITING CLASS. It's been very painful to me. I just CAN'T WRITE. Uh, God....

8. Cherry on top : Dad, for the very first time, called me "SWEETHEART" this afternoon. A term which I found he only uses to my younger sister Adrienne, and then to my older sister Allison when she got back from college, and then to Zoe after Allison's short stay at home -- but not me until this afternoon. He said, "See you later, SWEETHEART." He'd never know how HAPPY I was (Well, unless he's reading this post, of course)

Fuh. It's so great. Well, tomorrow's game plan:

1. Come to "Crooked" (a play at my school) crew first meeting

2. Skype my sister tomorrow morning


4. Finishing the first draft of a couple of my essays for my college essay writing class (this is very sh*tty)

5. Swimming!

And that's pretty much it.

Uh.. I probably need to go to bed, although I'm not sure I'm going to be able to or not (STILL VERY EXCITED ABOUT ARCTIC MONKEYS!) So yeah, God is unbelievably REALLY GOOD to me. Thank You, God.

16 March 2011

A Journal, really

Bah. It's 11:27 PM right now. Another late night post.

What's up:

1. Miriam called! Thank God! After almost a month without hearing anything from her I was so glad she called me this evening -- a few hours after I told my mom that I was worried something's bad happened to her. Thank God she's fine and was just practically busy. In fact, tomorrow is her birthday and she wants me to come to her birthday dinner. Very nice. Now I am thinking what I should bring her.

2. Zoe and I, for some unknown reasons tried on A LOT of dresses. Zoe's conclusion : I need a new bra. Uhkay, Zo.

3. You would not even believe this: THERE IS AN INDONESIAN HILT STUDENT IN H-B! *pant pant* So HILT is High Intensity Language Training and H-B does have a number of HILT Students, whose classes and lives in general are very different from regular H-B Students. Most of them are immigrants and can not speak English. So, yeah, anyway. I accidentally found him in the computer lab when I was doing my work and he was looking for Indonesian flags image at Google. This 19 year old Indonesian is named Joko. He is from Semarang. We talked a lot about a lot of things, mostly in Indonesian, since he can barely speak and understand English. I still do not understand why no one happened to connect us earlier.

4. First outdoor frisbee practice! It was NASTY. Very cold, I can not feel my hand most of the time.

5. Dad will be testifying at the Capitol Hill tomorrow and I am going to watch him and gave him emotional support. This should be very, very, awesome. By the way, I will be skipping GOVERNMENT class to go to this thing. My mom said, "How could Casey (my gov't teacher) said no?" Oh true, Mom.

6. I am just finishing my cover letter + resume + writing sample for Internship in VOA. Uh. *Finger crossed*

7. Big calculus test this morning went pretty well, unexpectedly. Kris even joked that she would use my test for the answer key. -__-

8. March Madness is officially started and one of my predictions is correct! Wahoo! I got very very excited about this tournament. Now I can see why people get so attached to this tournament : people bet at offices, the post had a huge section for this, etc., mostly because of this prediction. Yup. Since you predicted, for whatever reason, you have a side to pick in every single game. That's why you'll get very excited. Oh well. At least it is for me. This brackets-fill-in thing is definitely going to be one of a few things that I am planning to do for the rest of my life.

I am kinda tired. I have a long day tomorrow. And I still have an essay to polish, which I think I will do tomorrow.

Hasta luego!

15 March 2011

Lack of sleep nights

It is 12:06 right now and I am not willing to get off the couch and go to bed in the near future.

I have not got any good sleep in the last couple of days but 3-4 hours every night.

It was all started last Friday, when 2 visiting Indonesian YES Students from Alaska and Texas, Ella and Risni, Mr. Macgregor, Dee, and I had a major Washington D.C. sightseeing for literally nine hours. I swear we walked at least 5 kilometers that day.

Like it was not tiring enough, the next day we went to a prom dress give away in Reston, Virginia (which was, unexpectedly, very amusing. It was not crowded at all and all the volunteers were very nice and helpful.) and to Great Falls.

Consequently, I spent all Satruday afternoon SLEEPING and WIDE AWAKE THE WHOLE NIGHT.

I can not really sleep until like 5.

Additionally, It was the very same time as the Day Light Saving ends, which means, It was not really 5, it's actually 4.

So, yeah. I chose a really bad day to stay up all night.

More cool things happened last week:

- I finally went to CostCo! Wahoo! After weeks of waiting, Mom finally took me to Costco, and yes, I would have to admit, it was HELL. Now I can see why Mom does not want to go there even once a month, despite its bargain prices.

- I threw frisbee with Dad and Zoe on nice Sunday afternoon... It was the first time we played frisbee since Bethany Beach. It was a really, really nice, warm afternoon.

- A bit out dated, but still fun to share, of course. I went to VOA Headquarters with a few other AFS Students last Monday. We did interviews with language services from our own countries. Dee and I were interviewed for a radio program by the Indonesian Service. Mine was aired last Friday by Prambors Radio Jakarta. They sent me a copy of it. It was HORRIBLE. But, still, it's very cool to be on the radio. Soon, we also supposed to have our profile featured on VOA's TV Program for a short 2 minutes. The other cool thing is I met VENA ANISA!!!! She used to be a radio host whose morning program my siblings and I used to listen to every single morning. Finally, that visit to VOA Indonesian Service office was a lot of fun. It was like being in my native land for a couple hours.

Oh well. That's probably it. I have a Calculus test tomorrow and a Spanish vocab quiz, and neither of them I've been studying for so very hard. Also, I got an Essay due Wednesday for my College Essay writing class. And, I am supposed to read a whole bunch of stuff for my history class which supposed to start in approximately 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Uh. I really need to go to bed.

A few last thing:

- I read A LOT of Sports Illustrated articles this evening, I did not know they are VERY interesting in a lot of way. It's probably because the last time I tried to read SI articles was like 6 months ago when I understand NONE of them and judged that they are NASTY readings, which in fact, of course, they are not. Results : I subscribed to SI in my Google Reader.

- I REALLY DO MISS BASKETBALL SEASON! Uh, I really hope they still open the registration for the Friday Night Basketball thing and they have girls team *finger crossed*

- My liaison Miriam can not be reached in ANY way I could ever think of. I know she's busy -- she works at the Pentagon. I hope she's okay, and will be able to help me to cook for the AFS Host Family Appreciation Potluck Dinner on Saturday.

- I need suggestion for filling in my NCAA Tournament brackets. So my family does it every year as a tradition. Everyone fills in and the one who got the best guess got a prize from our parents (We happened to have all this conversation about Muslims do not bet). I have asked some of Indonesia's major basketball enthusiasts : @mainbasket , @pandji , @MarioWuysang , and @Kelly_Purwanto but none of them has responded, yet. Well, I hope they respond soon, otherwise I will fill my brackets based on random prediction I found on the internet, since the brackets has to be finished by tomorrow evening.

Okay, I really need to go to bed. It's been a very long, boring post and my head starts hurting and my eyes starts showing their desire to shut for at least a good few hours. And, I have Ultimate Frisbee practice tomorrow, which tomorrow will be held outdoor for the first time since fall.

I promise this is REALLY going to be the very last thing. This is one of my favorite quotes I read this evening (which is also my most recent facebook status):

Dear Icebergs, Sorry to hear about global warming. Karma is a bitch. Sincerely, Titanic.
(retweeted by @str8edgeracer)

Hahahah! Ciao! (finished at 12:56 am)

14 March 2011

Love and Affection

Last weekend my mom and I had a conversation, in which I could not help to be teary.

At one point she asked, "What do you need?"

I should've answered, "A hug. Every time I am about to go to bed. Every time I wake up in the morning. Every time I go home after a harsh day. Every time I need one. Like right now."

I should have. But I did not. I did not have the guts to.

I could've emailed her right now. Telling her every thing I wrote here. I probably should. But I will not. I still do not the guts to.

Oh well. I am such a coward.

05 March 2011

To be perfectly honest.....

I was so sad.

When Dee, Dee's Dad, and I were ice skating at the National Mall last weekend, I was so very sad. Her dad held her hand while they're ice skating, making sure she wouldn't fall. Teach her how to skate, and stuff.

While I was on my own, tried to figured out how to skate. Wondered if there would be anyone who's gonna teach me how to here in the U.S.

Oh well. No one's gonna do that to me in Indonesia anyway.

04 March 2011

I dont love you anymore

So last night, Zoe came to our parents' room after finding out Adrienne, who was sleeping over her friend's house, was not on her bed....

This is what happen tonight

Mom : "Zoe, Adrienne is at Emily's"
Nisa : "Hahaha"
Zoe : "I dont know why do you think it's funny"
Nisa : "Ooops. Sorry. I mean, I know you were worried about her last night."
Zoe : "No! I'm not worried about her! I just...."
Nisa : "What??! You're not worried about her??"
Mom : "That's not nice! I don't love you anymore!"

(okay, u might think this is not funny. i dont care. :P)

01 March 2011

Some random stuff

Okay. So it makes me feel really bad to not posted anything on my blog since like a month ago. And since it's a new month (!) I hope this is also a new start and I will have the willingness to write on my blog again.

Okay, so here are some notable stuff I got in the last couple of weeks  which I managed to remember and put here......

Friend : (coming after my locker) "Nisa, who are you talking about on twitter?"
Nisa : "Uh?"
Friend : "You can't make them proud. Your parents?"
Nisa : "Uh.. Yeah."
Friend : "Which parents? Your parents here or your parents in Indonesia?"
Nisa : "Uh... It's kinda both, actually."
Friend : "Why? Because you get low A on math test?" (smirking, and went away)

"Don't worry. Nisa will have a chance to go on vacation with us during a few years of college."
-Dad (when we were talkingabout summer vacation they will go in August)

"Let me tell you this, if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappointed them."
- Jodi Picoult
(This is actually become one of my favorite quotes of all time!)

Alrighty! Hope you guys are well! Ciao!