05 February 2011

Senior Night

My basketball team had this senior night thing last night. It is basically a game which is followed by honors to seniors who are in the team. And I'm one of that lucky seniors. Woohoo.

So, I would say that night was one of the happiest nights of my life.

Not that I played super awesome -- I was suck, actually. I played like sh*t. I traveled once, I played really bad defense. I did score though, once. But, still.


The fact that My family was there (Mom, who's just got back from the hospital, after almost 48 hours without eating anything but pills; Dad, who's always busy; Zoe, who usually can not stand crowds; and Adrienne. Kinda disappointing that Luke wasn't there. Mom did ask him to come, though. But he said he has not much time (!!!).), my aunt and unk, Ruth and David, were there, and Miriam was there, brought me flowers, made me unbelievably happy. I tried to not making eye contact to any of them during the game. I was afraid I would smile all the time and lost my focus because I was really happy.

What make me even more happier is that Casey Robinson, which is my Government teacher, and Dave Soles, which is a chemistry teacher, which I don't take the class, whom I know from a few weeks of ultimate frisbee practice and a fall hiking trip, came to the game too! My mom said Dave shouted as loud as he could, "PUT USMAN IN! PUT USMAN IN!!" and Casey said to Mom that I did an incredibly great job on Government, which I do not believe entirely, despite the fact that I can not help to believe it, since it was very delightful. (I know my English is suck. Sorry, folks!)

Anyway. That's what make me happy.

Well, I was sad, to be honest, in some part of the game. Unlike my other senior friends, I don't have bunch of high school students shouting my name, bringing signs with my name on it. But then I thought, Hey, what am I talking about? I got everyone who loves me here. I think I just need to be more thankful of what I have, instead of regretting what I dont have.

Also, I got lots of interesting things from the gift bag and the gift basket. A framed photograph of the team, a commemorative mini basketball with my name and my number on it, a cool senior t-shirt, starbucks gift card, and some things that would remind me of the team : McDonalds gift card, because we go to mcdonalds ALL THE TIME! ; Prudent Gum, which is the kind of gum that is always in our yellow boxes; and some other candies. And, they made cupcakes with our names and numbers on it! Hahaha.

Oh well. That was a great night. I hope tomorrow's going to be great too, despite that skiing was canceled because of weather and probably going to go bowling with the team, but still not sure. Either way, I need to sleep.

And, hoping for one last thing, I really wish I ALWAYS have enough time to write. Duh.


Bye folks!

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