29 January 2011

Snow Days

So Arlington has been white and snowy in the last few days.

Good things:
- No school for 2 days!
- generator (you'll find out why in a moment)
- I did more SAT things
- I helped my mom doing some houseworks
- government presentation about department of transportation postponed
- physics test postponed
- history essay and test postponed
- walking and running with the dogs on the snow is SUPER fun
- shoveling snow is a good exercise
- sliding on snow is fun
- woods in front of my house is so pretty
- I managed to play poker with my siblings

Bad things:
- No electricity for a day or so
- No basketball
- stuck at home
- trip to the Capitol Hill postponed
- interview meeting for volunteering in the library ruined
- Meeting to college counselor ruined
- woods in front of my house is so pretty that i feel really bad my family can not see it :(
- poker reminds me of good old friends :(
- my cellphone's dead

Okay, that very last point is not necessarily caused by the snow. However, it is dead, at the moment. Reach me thru facebook, twitter, the comment box below, or nisa.flamethrower@gmail.com

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