23 January 2011

Mr. Translator

Last night, during Marquette vs. Notre Dame game, Mom, Colin and I were in a deep conversation about God. Dad was playing with Bear the dog while watching the game. Zoe was dealing with our frightening couch.

Dad : "Hey, do you wanna know what Bear just told me?"

(all eyes on him)

Dad : "He said God is just dog spelled backwards."

Mom : (SMH-ing)

Colin : (did not bothering him, laid his eyes on TV)

Nisa : (laughing my head off)

Dad : "It's not me. It's Bear. I was just translating."


I think that is one of evidences that my Dad is funny for people from the other hemisphere. I ALWAYS laugh at his joke and Silfara also said that my Dad is funny. He probably really is funny for people from other hemisphere.

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