02 January 2011

2011 Resolutions

So we were having Lebanese Tevarna for New Years Eve dinner. I think we are supposed to have nice dinner, since it's NYE (I saw Mom had made grocery shopping list for NYE Dinner and then cross them all out and wrote "Lebanese Tevarna" instead). But parents I believe prefer food from this Lebanese restaurants, which are good, except most of them are weird, tastewise, lookwise, and namewise. But Americans, well at least my American family, like them, so whatever.

So this is what the family talked about during New Years Eve dinner. 2011 resolutions.

Allison said... Rrr... To be honest, I cant remember what she said. Ergh.
Zoe said lots of things. One of them is to get her driving permit, I believe.
Dad said he wants to change his job (!)
Mom said, other then mastering Indonesian cuisine, she wants to fill in her little chalk board (okay, so she used other word for this little chalk board thing, but I cant remember what. Sorry for that.)

And me? Well, me. When it comes to me, I did not have anything to say. Did not expect that question, either. So I just said I want to go back to school and learn how to drive, despite the fact that I've been taking driving classes last year and after 6 classes, the instructor said that I need more practices and will need at least 10 classes. What the hell.

But long after the dinner ended, watched what Zoe said as American classic holiday movies, went partying and stuff, I thought what I my resolutions this year

1. Keep playing good for my basketball team

2. Get my driving license and be able to drive (seriously, these two things can be very different in Indonesia)

3. Volunteering!

4. Do better at school! Schoolwork-wise and Social-wise

5. Do internship that my school offer

6. Trying out for school play

Okay, that was at least what I can think of now.

Happy new year, God bless America and Indonesia


Anonymous said...

Stay in US aja. Trus ikut ANTM cycle 16, gw yakin lw lolos. Trus jadi model deh. Hahahahaah

catatan punya kang kira said...

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