29 January 2011

Snow Days

So Arlington has been white and snowy in the last few days.

Good things:
- No school for 2 days!
- generator (you'll find out why in a moment)
- I did more SAT things
- I helped my mom doing some houseworks
- government presentation about department of transportation postponed
- physics test postponed
- history essay and test postponed
- walking and running with the dogs on the snow is SUPER fun
- shoveling snow is a good exercise
- sliding on snow is fun
- woods in front of my house is so pretty
- I managed to play poker with my siblings

Bad things:
- No electricity for a day or so
- No basketball
- stuck at home
- trip to the Capitol Hill postponed
- interview meeting for volunteering in the library ruined
- Meeting to college counselor ruined
- woods in front of my house is so pretty that i feel really bad my family can not see it :(
- poker reminds me of good old friends :(
- my cellphone's dead

Okay, that very last point is not necessarily caused by the snow. However, it is dead, at the moment. Reach me thru facebook, twitter, the comment box below, or nisa.flamethrower@gmail.com

My two favorite dogs in the world

 Bear and Venus were having a great time on the snow!

23 January 2011

Mr. Translator

Last night, during Marquette vs. Notre Dame game, Mom, Colin and I were in a deep conversation about God. Dad was playing with Bear the dog while watching the game. Zoe was dealing with our frightening couch.

Dad : "Hey, do you wanna know what Bear just told me?"

(all eyes on him)

Dad : "He said God is just dog spelled backwards."

Mom : (SMH-ing)

Colin : (did not bothering him, laid his eyes on TV)

Nisa : (laughing my head off)

Dad : "It's not me. It's Bear. I was just translating."


I think that is one of evidences that my Dad is funny for people from the other hemisphere. I ALWAYS laugh at his joke and Silfara also said that my Dad is funny. He probably really is funny for people from other hemisphere.

22 January 2011


I just got home from a basketball game. My team won by a lot. I played, well, it was not my best game ever, but it was okay.

When I got out of the locker room and found that there was no one there waiting for me, that's when I felt so alone. I have no family - let alone friends.

Well, I guess I deserve it. I mean, I have to not expect my host parents coming to my games when in most of them I was just sitting on the bench. Besides, who am I that they need to go to MY game? They have their own freaking business.

Friends? Well, I just dont have friends and dont have the ability to make them.

I know I'm such a fool by crying for this stupid basketball game. But sometimes being a fool is enjoyable.

21 January 2011

AP i-dont-even-know

Mikayla : "Brooke, how much do you weigh?"
Brooke : "Guess."
Mikayla : "Uh... 180 pounds?"
Brooke : "Nope. It's 150."
Mikayla : "Is it exactly 150?"
Brooke : "No. It's like 155."
Mikayla : "Okay. Nisa, How much do you weigh?"
Nisa : "Umm... I dont know... 69 kilograms."
Mikayla : "Huh? Brooke, how much is 69 kilograms?"
Brooke : "I dont know."
Mikayla : "What? Come on, Brooke! You're who take AP i-dont-even-know!"

Raja Jalanan di Amerika

1. Pedestrians

2. School Buses

3. Cars

4. (No motorcycles)

5. (No crazily-driven public buses)

"Raja Jalanan di Amerika" literally means kings of the street in America. It's just my thought about how Americans treat Road users. And you don't wanna know how is it in Jakarta.

Say Goodbye to the World You Thought You Lived In

Nope. Not yet. Not until July. Well, June 28, to be fair.

Heard this song on my way to school this morning. Not my first time, actually. My mom has this CD contains her favorite songs being played everytime she drives. 

The AFS's giving my ticket to go home when I had not even arrived in the U.S. is probably for a reason. It's probably some sort of reminder, that no matter how great the time you have in the U.S., or in contrast, how unhappy you are in the U.S., you are going home.

19 January 2011

Not Another Meeting

Once, Silfara's father, Silfara, and I were having this conversation about going to school in the United States. He said he wanted Silfara to went an American University, which was opposed by the daughter eventually. I said I also wanted to go to college in the U.S. But deep down inside, I know that I will never be able to afford it.

But then January 17, 2010, Silfara and I were there, joking around in front of the White House. She is about to start her freshman year in the University of South Florida, just like her father have always planned. And me, well, I am bringing a mission for a world peace and of course, self-improvement. (Okay, let's just say that I am doing this student exchange program thing.)

We're both lucky, aren't we?

02 January 2011

2011 Resolutions

So we were having Lebanese Tevarna for New Years Eve dinner. I think we are supposed to have nice dinner, since it's NYE (I saw Mom had made grocery shopping list for NYE Dinner and then cross them all out and wrote "Lebanese Tevarna" instead). But parents I believe prefer food from this Lebanese restaurants, which are good, except most of them are weird, tastewise, lookwise, and namewise. But Americans, well at least my American family, like them, so whatever.

So this is what the family talked about during New Years Eve dinner. 2011 resolutions.

Allison said... Rrr... To be honest, I cant remember what she said. Ergh.
Zoe said lots of things. One of them is to get her driving permit, I believe.
Dad said he wants to change his job (!)
Mom said, other then mastering Indonesian cuisine, she wants to fill in her little chalk board (okay, so she used other word for this little chalk board thing, but I cant remember what. Sorry for that.)

And me? Well, me. When it comes to me, I did not have anything to say. Did not expect that question, either. So I just said I want to go back to school and learn how to drive, despite the fact that I've been taking driving classes last year and after 6 classes, the instructor said that I need more practices and will need at least 10 classes. What the hell.

But long after the dinner ended, watched what Zoe said as American classic holiday movies, went partying and stuff, I thought what I my resolutions this year

1. Keep playing good for my basketball team

2. Get my driving license and be able to drive (seriously, these two things can be very different in Indonesia)

3. Volunteering!

4. Do better at school! Schoolwork-wise and Social-wise

5. Do internship that my school offer

6. Trying out for school play

Okay, that was at least what I can think of now.

Happy new year, God bless America and Indonesia