23 July 2010

Your Best Friend is Your Back Up Wife/Husband

I watched a 1991 movie titled My Girl on HBO a few days ago and caught a conversation that's pretty similar to a one I caught on a TV series How I Met Your Mother.

Watch this

Thomas J. Sennett: Vada?
Vada Sultenfuss: Yeah?
Thomas J. Sennett: Would you think of me?
Vada Sultenfuss: For what?
Thomas J. Sennett: Well, if you don't get to marry Mr. Bixler.
Vada Sultenfuss: I guess.

(Thomas J. Sennett and Vada Sultenfuss on My Girl)

and this

Robin: Let's make a pact, if we both turn 40 and we're both single..
Ted: Robin Scherbatsky, will you be my backup wife?
Robin: A girl always dreams of hearing those words. Yes, yes, a million times, yes!

(Robin Scherbatsky and Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother season 4 episode 17)


Arent those best friends reaaaaaaally sweet?


So guys and girls, take a good care of your best friends. After girlfriends/boyfriends coming and going, she/he is the one who is ALWAYS there for you, doesn't she/he?


The thing is, what if I don't have any bestfriends?

Well, I pray to God not to letting me becoming an old woman, filled with regret, waiting to die alone....

Oops. Another line from a movie. That was from Inception. Was a good movie, by the way.

That'd be all for now. Have a great day, folks! :)


ciptanirmala said...

hehehe bole juga... follow nd komen balik yax!

Eunice Candy said...

Before reading this post, I just wanted to stalk quietly and learn more about your character.
Alas, I'm a huge HIMYM fan, and I just can't resist commenting!

Did you watch? Ted and Robin got together in the end. It wasn't because of the backup either.