15 June 2010

Listening to What My Coach Says

I saw this photo while I was gazing thru my photos folders on my laptop computer. I found it very interesting. I cant have this kind of photos everyday, can I? Besides, I'm always keen to take photos with my coach. So, thanks to anyone who take this.

The photo is taken during Kejurnas Basket KU-18 2010 (the 2010 U-18 Women Basketball National Championship) in Medan, on December 2009. I cant remember what exactly my coach said when this photo is taken, but I do remember one big thing he said during the match.

He said, "Ayo dong, Nis... Aku udah sengaja ngga banyak nurunin kamu kemarin.....,,"

And from that time on, I know I have made him dissapointed. Again. Must be for the hundreds time.

It was a match againts one of the top teams in the championship, Jawa Tengah province. We were finally lost.

My coach is pretty much a good man. Moreover, he is a person i trust at. And I dont trust many people. And believe me, dissapointing a good person u trust at is gonna hurt you so bad.

And after what he did to me last weekend, I know I have to thank God for letting his being my coach.

Argh, no. I have to thank God for everything I got, dont I?

What a rubbish post *sigh*

Have a good day, readers :)

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