17 June 2010

Holiday Writing and Reading Project

It's 12.39 AM right now and I was having my right-before-going-to-sleep glass of milk when the idea of making this blog post crossed my mind. See? Magic DOES happen on midnight. Well, okay, AROUND midnight.


Yes, holiday is coming, Guys. Since I'm gonna have to spend my holiday mostly at home, I initiate to do this ambitiously arranged project.

I call it Holiday Writing and Reading Project (doesnt sound very creative, eh?)

The goal is basically to WRITE a BLOGPOST EVERY SINGLE DAY during holiday. I (still) dont know when my school holiday officially starts and ends, but I assume the holiday ends on mid july so I will roughly get about 25 blogpost at the end of the project.

In addition, I'm also have to READ at least 60 pages of book EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This is reasonable. I find it HARD to write whenever I was not reading any books at the moment. So, yeah, for me, in order to write nicely I'm also gonna have to read nicely too. A good writer is a good reader, wiseman said (seriously, I forgot which wiseman said this wise thing :p)

Ambitiously arranged enough, not? :)

Need you guys support to accomplish this mission. (Wait, is this a mission, or a project, or what? Ah, I dont really care what it is. I want to do good things. Thats all. Besides, really, what is the difference between them? :p)

I'll see you guys later this day.

Bye bye for now :D

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