26 March 2010

All About Steve

Ada dua hal yang selalu gue lakukan kalo nonton DVD atau VCD di rumah:

1. Catet kata-kata yang bagus
2. Cari soundtrack nya yang keren

Begitu pun saat gue nonton All About Steve.

Beberapa hari yang lalu, gue nonton film ini di DVD hasil rampokan pinjeman dari sepupu gue.Filmnya drama komedi gitu deh, standar, super ringan. Jadi ada cewe geek (gue lupa namanya, diperanin sama Sandra Bullock) yang pekerjaannya bikin teka teki silang di koran lokal. Dia suka banget sama cowo namanya Steve (gue gatau diperanin sama siapa :P) yang kerja nya adalah kameramen TV yang selalu pergi-pergi keluar kota. Saking tergila-gilanya, si cewe ini sampe ngikutin si cowo kemana aja dia pergi. Sampe harus numpang truk, sampe mobilnya diancurin tornado, bahkan harus naik mobil yang udah dihancurin tornado itu. Wakaka. Tapi ending nya bagus, gue suka. Untuk lebih jelasnya, nonton sendiri aja deh, hoho.


Nah, kata-kata yang ya-ampun-bener-banget di film ini. Rata-rata ada di bagian akhir film.

"Don't ever change -- to anybody"

"On the journey of life, just find someone as normal as you -- if not a whole bunch."

"If you love someone, set him free. If you have to stalk him, he probably wasn't yours in the first place."

Nah, ini menarik nih. Perhatiin deh.

New York Times crossword editor, Will Shortz, says, "We have a natural compulsion to fill empty spaces." I like to think he means not just crosswords, but the empty spaces inside of us. That comes from making your way in a world, that doesn't always embrace unique. I tried to fill my empty spaces with words and puzzles- and Steve.

Kalo gue,
I try to fill my empty spaces with basketball, and him, who-cannot-be-named.

What about you? How do you fill your empty spaces? :)


Kalo soundtrack, ada 2 yang gue notice.

yang pertama, ternyata judulnya Love is Everywhere, penyanyinya Bob Schneider.
Lirik yang gue tangkep dan langsung bikin gue pengen nyari lagu ini adalah ".... And I don't know why life, it seems to be, so hard for dreamers like you and me...." Hohoho, yes, life is hard for a dreamer like me, hoho.

Yang kedua, judulnya Everybody Got Their Something yang ternyata dinyanyiin sama Nikka Costa. Liriknya yang ketangkep itu yaaa pas bagian judul lagunya. I do believe that everyone must have got something, including me! Hehehe.

Selesai deh. Berikut gue kasih lirik dan link youtube nya. Semoga suka! Have a guhreat day! :)

Love is Everywhere - Bob Schneider

Soon Yi was a pilot in the nationally known
Amazing ladies of the outer ozone
She didn't have no kids she didn't have no time
She was a woman of her word, she was a fighter of crime
She looked good in a hat, she had a natural way
With tools and no car she went to UCLA

And everybody said she was as crazy as a loon
And she was a girl she'd spend every afternoon
Sitting in her backyard pretending to be
A fighter ace in the Japanese military
She liked to make up her mind, she kept her feet in the air
She wore her heart on her sleeve, cause she'd found it there

And it was all well and good until she met this young man
A young pilot named steve with a beautiful tan
He spoke english and french and swam like a swan
He had a mouth full of teeth and more style than C├ęzanne
He could talk to the bees, he could breathe in the air
He wore his heart on his sleeve, cause he'd found it there

And they'd sit in the trees and they'd talk thru the night
While the blind moon swam in the pale starry light
And they talked and they crowed and they told what they knew
It was better than beer, it was all strange and new
There was grass all around, there was black up above
It was more than hello, it was something like love

And I don't know why life, it seems to be
So hard for dreamers like you and me
When love is, love is, love is everywhere

Everybody Got Their Something - Nikka Costa

My face to the sky
Dreaming about just how high
I could go and I'll know
When I finally get there

Taking of my glasses
Sun pokes through my lashes
And somehow I know
There's a time for every star to shine

Everybody got their something
Everybody got their something
Make you smile like an itty bitty child

People keeping score
Say better hurry up and get yours
Cause somebody else get your spot
Before you even dropped

Seek and you shall find
Everything in my own sweet time
I'll take my chances
With what I believe is only mine

Busy holding on
So the roof don't fly
Keep you from moving on
So get it right
Turn the tide over
Like a love song
Like a butterfly
Believe if you hand it over
You'll come out all right

Everybody got their something
Everybody got their something
Make you smile like an itty bitty child

Illuminate the silly things
Shed some light on all that's wrong
Everybody need it sometime
Sometimes the only thing you got
Is what makes you feel like
You're something else altogether
You have everything don't need
Another reason to be something
I've been on a ride
And caught up in the landslide
But I'm gonna spread my wings and fly...

Everybody got their something
Everybody got their something
Make you smile like an itty bitty child

There's a time for every star
There's a time for every star...

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