10 July 2009

Oh, I've been missing this.....


I've been missing writing for so long. I saw my blog few days ago and suddenly wanted to write everything Ive gotten through this holiday.

But it's kinda hard for me to write right now.

I am doing a kind of project on the internet right now, and I have to work on it every single time - no time for blogging.

I used to write in my spare time but since Im on holiday, I have no spare time - every time is a spare time! and I have to use my time to work on my project. D'oh!

And I am currently not reading any books right now. (This is so bad, I know it is. The internet seems to overwhelm my life). And the less I read, the less I write., soooo it IS hard for me to write........

But I promise you, after the project is done, and my holiday's over and I get my spare time back, and I have some times to readm I will be back here, doing many things on this blog just like I used to.

My project will be done this satruday and the nest day will be the last dday of my long holiday. I promise I will post something sometime inbetween.

Okay thats all.

THis must be the worst writing I've ever write.


I'll see you guys on saturday (or sunday)!

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