26 July 2009

another bad post

Hey it's me again

I am sorry I broke my promises (again) at my last post. I hhhh, I think I cannot write. Not anymore.

I havent write anything for so long. I dont know what to write, all I know is I have to do so, tonight.

Well, I just I had a great weekend. This weekend's my cousin's wedding, so I met my family. It was so fun.

and mmmmmm well, actually, this week has been so tough. My school held Schoolympic. It is mmm multi event competition. So there was sports, art, and educational competition. It was a big event. It's just finished on Saturday. Yeah and it was also fun.

And what else.... mmm lets see.....

oh, I started to read my Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows, again! I bought it few years ago. Ive read few chapters of it. But I stopped reading it, I dont know why. Last week, I suddenly wanted to read it again, so I did. I read it again from the first chapter. I love it. Harry Potter is always a good book.

and mmm.....

I really want to write again, Ive been missing this. I will write again, regularly. But I dont know how, and when. I love writing. I want to write again. grrrr.

okay i dont know how to end it. I hope seeing u guys again sometimes this week. see ya :)

10 July 2009

Oh, I've been missing this.....


I've been missing writing for so long. I saw my blog few days ago and suddenly wanted to write everything Ive gotten through this holiday.

But it's kinda hard for me to write right now.

I am doing a kind of project on the internet right now, and I have to work on it every single time - no time for blogging.

I used to write in my spare time but since Im on holiday, I have no spare time - every time is a spare time! and I have to use my time to work on my project. D'oh!

And I am currently not reading any books right now. (This is so bad, I know it is. The internet seems to overwhelm my life). And the less I read, the less I write., soooo it IS hard for me to write........

But I promise you, after the project is done, and my holiday's over and I get my spare time back, and I have some times to readm I will be back here, doing many things on this blog just like I used to.

My project will be done this satruday and the nest day will be the last dday of my long holiday. I promise I will post something sometime inbetween.

Okay thats all.

THis must be the worst writing I've ever write.


I'll see you guys on saturday (or sunday)!