16 June 2009

The Last Three Days

I haven't write anything in english for a very long time. hmm my English is a bit freezing rite now.

ok. so hmmm

last weekend, I stayed in bandung for two days with my basketball club, Indonesia Muda Jakarta. I am talking about the whole junior club, includes teams in different age groups (under 12, under 14, under 16, under 18, and tim divisi (okay, I dont know what they call 'tim divisi' in english. it's kinda hmmmm semi-pro team. sort of that.)).

I'm on the under 18 team, and there were only four of us joining this Bandung trip. the rest are final year students, they couldnt stay a nite in Bandung. they had to check whether the passed the final exam or not.

so we chartered a penginapan (again, i dont know what they call it in english. it is not a hotel, nor motel. its more like hmmmm, a house, a very big house, turned into a place for tourist to stay) and we stayed there for a night.

My teammates and I lost on 2 friendly match we did, but thats not the thing. the time we had there was great. We talked about many things, sang many songs, played guitar, laughed at many things and hmmm kept crying WE WANT ANOTHER TRIP at the end of this Bandung trip. hahaha.

we watched an IBL big game, between Garuda Bandung and Satria Muda Britama. I believe that it was my first live IBL game in 4 years. Coming as a neutral in red Indonesia Muda t-shirt, I cant resist the urge to yell for Satria Muda Britama. Oh they were awesome!! The home team Garuda Bandung led in the first 2 quarters but the rest were Satria Muda's. We took some photos with some satria muda players. we also took a very special photo with Felix Ary Bayu Marta, one of assistant coaches of Satria Muda Britama, who looks like Indra Lesmana. Hahahaha. (I'm gonna put the pict here right after my friend upload it to facebook :P)

we had so much fun.

Indonesia Muda Jakarta at The Peak, Lembang

and mmm yesterday was a bad day. A very bad day. I did an extremely bad thing: Staying in front of the computer ALL DAY LONG. I mean it. I woke up at 7, started using the internet immediately and kept using it for the rest of the day. I used my laptop, brought it where ever I go. When the battery got empty, I charged it, and used my desktop computer. I only stopped for eating and drinking. I was on my period so I didnt do the prayers. I didn't even take any shower! wakakaka.

the question is, what did I do on the internet?

well, rrrr, I chatted online with Ines, who was also stayed in front of her computer all day long yesterday. There was actually nothing important on the conversation we had.

Yes, I hate to say that Ines and I are always keep doing things eventhough we know they are not worth our valuable time. crap.

I also made a plurk account! Check out my time line! my user name is nisaflame. Im gonna put a plurk widget in my blog shortly.

okay, the good thing is that I passed the 2nd AFS selection test! yippie!!! I am one step closer to live in the USA for 11 months. I've passed a halfway actually. There are still 2 selection test to go. the third is on June 21st. wish me luck.

okay that's what it is.

see you all. wish you well. byee.


Anonymous said...

Hello Nisa :) I haven't read any blog for such a long time and I haven't use English (read, write, speak) for 1 week hehehe.It's weird.
I'm back in Jakarta like a week ago and the weather is crazzeeeee.
Udaaah ah cape pake bahasa Inggris.
Mau tes AFS tahap 3 kapan?
Siap mental yaaaa.masih ada tes yang lain lain lagi..sahabat gue udah sampe tahap nasional eh gagal jd be ready! kalo ga dapet AFS masih ada Nacel kok hehe

Nisa said...

tesnya besok kak. hiyah baik lah siap siap siap. balik ke 8 lagi kan kak?

Anonymous said...

nisa, gw ganti link. relink yaa