12 April 2009

Ka Edo's Wedding Party

Today I attended Ka Edo's wedding party. Ka Edo is my former basketball coach. The party, took place in Sunter, Northern Jakarta, was awesome!

I met my national-winning team mates I haven't seen for weeks; I've been missing them so much! :)

We sang our anthem, "Ular Berbisa" for the couple. This song is really our anthem. We sang it mostly everywhere during the national championship in Semarang, on January 2009.

Oh, and the couple, Gosh, they were fabulous, wearing gold lined red Betawi traditional clothes. They were fully blissed; I've never seen Ka Edo smiling for that long before.

We also did the thing. rrr I mean, the thing a team always do before entering the basketball court right before a match. A "shouty shout" thing (Pardon my bad English, I don't know what its called in English :P). We did the "shouty shout" thing in front of the guests. That was so groool!!!

We also took a bunch of photos. As I dont own any camera phone, I can only put it here if someone gladly load them up to facebook :P

The only thing I hate is that I was late to the party. grrrrr.
The party started at 11. I attend a basketball training at school, and it finished at about 10.30 (on the previous day, my senior, who forced me to attend the training, said that the training would be finished at 9. crap.). I rushed myself home right after the training, took a superbly fast shower, and left home at about 11.30. I arrived at about 12.30.

oh, and I didn't eat a single thing at the party. I was overwhelmed with the joy of meeting my teammates, forgetting the fact that I havent eat anything from the moment I woke this morning.

After the party, I went to Gramedia. I bought some books and stationery (also met some friends: Angel, teammate, and bang wisnu, a neighbor) and soon after that, I ate fried chicken like a monster. Really.


thats all for today,

I am wishing all the best for the marriage, Ka Edo dan Ka Lulu :)

see ya all people!!!!


arky said...

haha gue harus naro sesuatu yg menarik di situ. gue jg brp kali main ga menang2

rinta-chos said...

halo.lo maen basket ya?
maen basket dimana selaen buat tim 8?
bang iras masih ngelatih tim 8 gak?
btw.anak 2010 yang maen basket siapa aja?
hahaha maaap yaaa gue banyak nanya banget.