27 April 2009


okay listen up.

I am on diet.

Well, actually, getting fat is not ever be a problem for me, as my mom and my cousins and my aunts and my unks are all fat, being obesity is.

I am getting closer to obesity.

My BMI is about 22.59.

Check out your BMI here.
(you can also read many things about David Hartanto Widjaja's case there. it used to be a blog about healthy tips but after the accident, the owner, who is the best friend of david, turned it out to be a blog about David)

and hey, you may have noticed that the music doesnt sound anymore. I've just deleted the music since imeem doesnt play the full song anymore. I'm gonna have to look for another legal way to play some music in here.

and hmmm

for me,
Losing weight is about being patient and not acting emotionally.

It seems so easy.

and It is guys. It is easy as it gets.

see you around! :)


nenoneno said...

hehe I'm fattening too.. tapi kan kamu suka olahraga? jadinya lebih gampang ngurusinnya dong.. hehe semangat! :D
emang b'day wish yang mau terkabulkan apa to? :?

nenoneno said...

waaaa.. how come?? dalam rangka apa? I'm happy for you! :)
kenapa ga bisa dibuka? ini bisa koq.. :?

Nisa said...

iya kak...... untung nya aku main basket, kalo ga pasti badan aku sudah sangat lebar seperti mamaku dan kluarga mamaku. okay, jadi apa strategi kk menguruskan badan?

hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi (girang)
iyaa mozilla ku suka gamau ngebuka blogspot gitu aduh gimana ya beteeeeeeeee (malah jadi curhat colongan) huahahahahha

nenoneno said...

strateginya: kurangi karbohidrat & olahraga teratur. hehehe.. :P