20 March 2009

What I want for my birthday

Dear readers,

It's my pleasure to have you here, reading my blog. Again, I'm thanking you for your visit.

Here is the list of what I really wanted for my birthday. Mybirthday is on November, so you guys still have plenty of time to prepare for all of these things.

What I really wanted for my birthday are:

1. I want to be close to Allah. I want to make Him proud. i don't wanna do any bad things anymore, and I need to be really close to Him in order to do so.

2. I never have any close friend, or best friend, that kind of thing. It'd be great if I had one for my birthday!
Well, I used to think I had one, but I don't wanna waste my time try to figure out why they now have new friends and I don't. it will never make any sense but realizing how lame I am.

3. I want my family to wish me a happy birthday. That will be so awesome since they usually forget my birthday.

4. I want my Harish to be just like my Harish. He's my only friend, the one I always want to be with.

5. I want to be accepted for AFS! (dan saya akan meloncat ke Amerika!)

6. I want to have a part time job. So that I can earn my own life. I'm gonna earn a little money from the job. I'm gonna rent a room and live there. I'm gonna live my own life! Yeay!

7. I want a guitar!

8. I want a strenghness, a better dribling, passing, and shooting skill: I want to play a better basketball.

9. I want good grades at school, and a good position in OSIS.

10. and ummmmm, I want to meet Indra Lesmana. I want a "Happy Birthday" from him on my birthday. He was a month and a day late last year :P

That's it!

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.
I thought no one would care about this....

Sorry for the bad English, and have a nice weekend!

Kisses and hugs,



nenoneno said...

semoga kewujud ya.. kayaknya semua wish nya yang bisa ngewujudin kamu de, dengan bantuan Yang Maha Kuasa jelasnya.. :)

rinta-chos said...

good luck ye hahaha.

Nisa said...

wehehehe tengkyu kakak kakak pada doain hehehe

lean-tongue said...

niiiiiiiiiss ngikut afs? eh gue sebenernya kepengen walo gada ke inggris T_T tapi ya pengen gt tapi 4 taun! eh gue bimbang abis gimance dongs keanya ribet gtdeh

Nisa said...

yaa ikut aja dulu ma, belum tentu dapet juga kan :D

btw stau gue afs itu cuman setaun deh