18 March 2009

What I need According to Google....

Type your name into Google with the word needs in quotes. For example: "(your name here) needs". Write the first 10 results in a note, comment and tag friends.

According to Google...

1. Nisa needs your support!

2. Nisa needs blood transfusions every three weeks

3. Nisa needs to physically go to America in order to initiate any sentiment towards her cause

4. what Nisa really needs is a string of bright, bloody female victories

5. Nisa needs to confirm the facts and evaluate the pertinent safety factors and conditions

6. Nisa needs to improve its method of communicating

7. Nisa needs money to help her crusade, so she meets a kind maid, Carmen, who helps her get a job as a maid to an obnoxious, racist Beverly Hills family, the Andersons, a typical rich family, although like everything else here, how they make their living is never made clear

8. Nisa also needs your financial help

9. Nisa needs more data that we hope to produce in future seasons of work in the field

Gosh, it took 17 google-pages to gather all of these!

It's still very fun anyway....... hahaha


nenoneno said...

wah lucu banget tag nya! jarang jarang ni ada yang kayak gini. hahaha. *lucu* :D

lean-tongue said...

ini apaansih kaga ngarti gua nulis "lintang needs" di gugel yang keluar cuma 2 biji linknya apadeh

Nisa said...

kalo gue search Nisa needs, trus kluar byk bgt, gue cuman ambil yg kata2nya ada Nisa needs nya

Putri Meisita said...

nissss i grab it yaa hihihi